Five Games You Can Use To Experience The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser has taken over the Internet – but why keep watching it when you could (sort of) relive it?

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qwerty6761388d ago

i thought that teaser was crap to be honest, something about it just seemed off.

MRHARDON1388d ago

Yeah, no JJ Abrams notorious lens flares.

crusf1388d ago

Everything is crap to you.

Gamer7771388d ago

You could just Watch the teaser on Youtube for free. Or you get Knights of the old Republic for few buck off of steam or dust off an old copy of the game. The game has Dark Jedi,Sped Racing and you can visit Tatooine.

TekKing1388d ago

The new movie will flop. Even the teaser trailer was terrible.

Summons751388d ago

With the massive amounts of Star Wars fans, both real fans who are excited and....well people like you who hate on things without playing or seeing something and knowing nothing about the film. It's going to make millions and will be in no way a flop.

Rimeskeem1388d ago

Flop with critics maybe but flop with money? i doubt it


I thought the teaser was cool,something about it just kind of got me stoked.
Can't really explain it,not even going to bother trying.