Ebay's Selling $50 PlayStation Network Gift Cards for $40 Right Now

Ebay's back with another great Black Friday weekend deal, this time for PlayStation owners. There's not much to explain here; you give eBay $40, and they'll email you a code for $50 to spend on PlayStation Network. Happy gaming!

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sashimi1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

hmm i got the same deal for 1 from bb a few weeks back..should i get a 2nd one and combine for $15 back $100 spent on psn store for 2 years of psn plus for $65 after its all said and done...hmm decisions decisions

Voozi1326d ago

Seems like a solid idea considering there were no $30 PS Plus deals this year.

akaFullMetal1325d ago

Bought 2, awaiting email codes.

Arkardo1325d ago

Jesus christ how did you do it? Im trying since yesterday and everytime i get an error from paypal so annoying

joydestroy1325d ago

i sat here with the page open and got a phone call. within 30min they were all gone :/