David Jaffe Teases New God of War Game, Hilariously Trolls Everyone

David Jaffe can be a bit of a joker at times, and while many are anxiously waiting to see what his new studio “the Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency” is working on, he decided to pull a fast one on the internet.

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Abash1390d ago

Quit messing with our heads and hearts, DJ!

Abriael1390d ago

That was hilarious, tho.

Harold_Finch1390d ago


XBLSkull1390d ago

David Jaffe and hilarious don't belong in the same sentence.

ShinMaster1389d ago

^ Neither do XBLSkull and unbiased.

showtimefolks1390d ago

I never take him serious in a good way, now I think he is doing a me GOW game.

In the documentary of GOW franchise David jaffe and the director of GOW2 both said they had their own vision of how GOW3 plays and ends, so I would love for them to maybe do something around those ideas

I know this will never happen but how about 2 mini GOW3 director editions one done by jaffe other done by the GOW2 director(he just came back to SSM and I should remember his name)

Whatever jaffe is working on I am very interested, to me this is one guy who cares about fans enough and not just about money.

jb2271390d ago

It would also be pretty cool if they got Jaffe to carry on w/ his original vision of changing mythologies while maybe letting Ready at Dawn or someone else at Santa Monica continue Kratos' story (if they have one to keep telling). I doubt Jaffe would ever revisit Kratos but I could see him sinking his teeth into a different God of War in a new mythology.

abstractel1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Outside of GOW, has he really done anything great? Not trying to knock him, most people don't make even one hit game but it's difficult to compare him to designers who have created several hit titles. There was talks that Corey is the one that really made the combat system what it was -- but he _seems_ to have a big ego so I am not sure how true that is. Stig did well on GOW 3, IMO the best in the series (or at least tied with GOW 2) but it seems his latest project didn't go so well since he left SSM. I am keeping my expectations low for Jaffe's next project.

Plus I feel for all the artists who worked for his last company, only to see him shut it down and start up a new one. When you run a company you have to take some responsibility for the people who work for you but I don't know the details.

I also don't feel he's as honest as everyone feels he is, to get to that position from a playtester, where he started, you'd have to do a lot of the right moves to get into the position where people will give you funding for a big game -- and it rarely means being completely honest.

He also said artists who have worked on horrible projects don't have the right to complain which hit me personally. Anyone who has been mistreated, by their boss or by anyone else, has the right to complain afterwards.

user38319101390d ago

@eezo It isn't a troll post if no one is being trolled. That already happened. This is just a description of it.

eezo1390d ago

its better we left it to moderator to decide whether this submission should go through or not, ticket has been raised..

Abriael1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Looks like you're really going out of your way to hinder a perfectly valid post.

There are a ton of parody posts on N4G, and this is actually more relevant than those, as it's actually about a developer doing something hilarious and fully related to games, which is news, and not something someone just made up for giggles.

IIFloodyII1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

That's Kojima level trolling. I'm impressed.

Batzi1390d ago

No it's not. It's lame. Kojima is always original. The Moby Dick studio and PT are unmatched.

IIFloodyII1390d ago

There's a reason I refer to it as "Kojima Level trolling" nothing tops the King Troll.

showtimefolks1390d ago


Jaffe has been trolling us a lot longer than Kojima, Kojima broke through with mobs dick studio while jaffe has been a well known troll

And I am a huge Kojima fanboy

I haven't worked on a twisted metal game in forever and than walks on E3 stage with a ice cream truck

DarXyde1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Nope. Kojima trolling is on another level. The guy led everyone to believe you play as Snake through all of Sons of Liberty until the game actually came out. If you chose "I liked Metal Gear Solid 2!" in Snake Eater, you were left to believe this game was ALSO Raiden-centric. P.T. turned out to be Silent Hills and the demo itself was a huge mind-warp. The "Metal Gear Collection 2014" turned out to be a clothing line. Jaffe gave it away too soon. Kojima will have you walk into his trolling, expectations on fire.

Nah, man. Kojima is still on another level. Sakurai holds a better candle to Kojima level trolling than Jaffe.

TheGamersGhost1390d ago

Kojima trolling has sent men to insane wards.

elazz1390d ago

This is not funny :p I really thought a new GoW game was incoming. Hope it still is.

IIFloodyII1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

It probably is, just not from him. Barlog (the guy behind 2) is probably working on it.

They probably won't, maybe a little teaser, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. Barlog said they don't expect to have anything to show for awhile, not even by E3 2015.

elazz1390d ago

Should have been more elaborate. I really hope they would officially announce and showcase the game during the PS Event

telekineticmantis1390d ago

Ha. But seriously would love to see what after what happens after the credits.

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