Gundam Screenwriter Kazuho Hyodo Helped With Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Story

Xenoblade Chronicles X executive director Tetsuya Takahashi tweeted a few more tidbits of information.

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Big_Game_Hunters1356d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles X may very well be the best story of 2015, competing with MGSV.

wonderfulmonkeyman1355d ago

This makes me feel like grand things are in store.

Bet haters are really going to be trying hard to downplay this the closer it gets to release.
Expect troll posts coming onto news articles about it, talking about all the RPG's NOT coming to the Wii U while downplaying this as a bad game, for stupid reasons, to try and tamp down/hide the bitterness they'll feel from not getting to play this because they're too stubborn to get a Wii U.

Sucks to be a single platform gamer that COULD go multiplat but is too prideful to do so.[obviously this doesn't include those that quite literally cannot afford a second console]

N4g_null1353d ago

Nintendo is in rare form too bad for the people missing it. It will be quite overwhelming when they do get a wiiu. I mean bayo2 w101 pikman smash mkart and xenoblade with some nintendo land and online wii sports. It's like a crazy arcade. The dlc for these games are like sequels! I'm sure I forgot a few games but that is alot. If those games are played for any period of time any one would be hooked.

I say let people enjoy their system nintendo is sure to get plenty of money from gamers like us. Everyone else will catch up later.