Sony: We “Love” PlayStation Vita, Sales Teased for the Coming Weeks

If you were disappointed by the lack of PlayStation Vita deals in the PlayStation Store’s Black Friday 2014 sale in North America (Europe is another story), you weren’t alone, as many people voiced their complaints over on the PS Blog.

Responding to one of these commenters was Chieh Chen, Digital Distribution Manager for the Sony Network Entertainment, who said:

"unfortunately no discounts made it to this sale.

[...] There may or may not be other sales in the coming weeks that include Vita titles."

Looking back at 2013, the Holiday Sale began on December 3, then refreshed each Tuesday for four weeks. If Sony follows the same pattern this year, the first wave of sales could be on Tuesday, December 2, but that’s purely speculation right now.

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Snookies121324d ago

Let's get a Vita JRPG sale going Sony, I'd lose every cent in my wallet lol.

Fullmetalevolust1324d ago

I KNOW! I want child of light, SAO: Hollow Fragment, some atelier titles, Disgaea 5, Senran Kaguran, Akiba's trip, etc...
I need those titles on sale, then I'll manage with the storage. lol

fooltheman1324d ago

Just buy senran's fabulous.

Gaming247allday1324d ago

Sony's doing more talking again and less walking it seems when it comes to PS Vita...

KeeseToast1324d ago

Nope, we have a "super anime sale" here in Europe right now with Personas, Final Fantasies and more!

3-4-51324d ago

Lets get a ANY KIND OF VITA GAME sale going.

WeAreLegion1324d ago

Good. Show it. It's my favorite handheld of all-time. Give us more games!

Th4Freak1324d ago

It has over 800 games to the date, i'd rather them to advertise the handheld than get more bad ports.

WeAreLegion1324d ago

It does have a great library. I agree! However, in recent months, it hasn't been great. The future looks bleak, as well. :/

Th4Freak1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

I disagree, we got Freedom Wars, Hatsune Miku PDF 2nd, Tales of Hearts R and Samurai Warriors 4 to name a few.

I insist, the PSV has a massive library of great games what it really needs right now is GOOD marketing.

Gemmol1324d ago

I respect your opinion, but thats crazy, do not get me wrong I feel like the 3ds is the best handheld of all time, not only do it play 3ds games, but it plays some of the best games ever created on the original DS, and it plays old school nintendo if you said Vita the most powerful handheld I would agree one hundred percent, but I cant see it as being the gamers system, like the 3ds being able to play 3ds, regular ds, indies, and etc, the 3ds is a gamers system, but I still respect your opinion, I just think its crazy

WeAreLegion1324d ago

I respect your opinion, as well. The 3DS is an excellent system! I love mine. The XL is probably one of the best hardware designs in history.

However, I love the PS1/PSP/Vita lineup I can play on my Vita more than the DS/3DS games I can play on my 3DS. You can also play PS3 games on the Vita via PS Now. Soon, you will be able to play PS2 games via PS Now, as well. Throw in Remote Play with PS4 and the amount of things you can play and do on the system is just ridiculous. You can't go wrong with either system though.

MeteorPanda1324d ago

why even mention the 3ds plays older games? The vita does that and better. if you bought the game it's yours forever bascially off the store..

I have ps1 games on my vita, you gotta pay around 15 dollar for any old game on the 3ds...

In that aspect vita does it better, however l love both hand helds :D

Protagonist1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )


You must not own the the PS Vita.

The PS Vita Plays.

1. PlayStation®Mobile Games

2. PS1 Games.

3. PSP Games.

4. PS Vita Games.

5. Indie Games.

6. Playstation Mini Games.

7. Remote PS4 Games.

8. Soon PS2 and PS3 games via PS Now.

noxeven1324d ago

lets see if prices are actually good not just some 10% bs

Fullmetalevolust1324d ago

I honestly didn't feel the Vita love this black friday, from none of the retailers, Sony should've been slaying prices down even to move some units or to keep the install base happy.
They have cyber monday to redeem themselves.

ShadowWolf7121324d ago

Amazon's got a few Vita titles on sale for Cyber Monday. XBlaze, BlazBlue, Mind Zero, Dangan Ronpa 1 and 2, Muramasa Rebirth, Demon Gaze, Disgaea 4 and Ys: memories of Celceta.

So 9 in total.

One-Shot1324d ago

If Danganronpa 2 goes on sale, i'll be happy.

One-Shot1323d ago

Nice, although I want it digitally. I don't own any physical Vita games.

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