Bundles & Xbox Dominate the Console War

With no major console releases this Black Friday season, retailers turned to lower prices and console + game bundles to lure in consumers. The bundles seemed to be successful in driving sales, as over 90% of console purchases on Friday were bundled with a game. Was it really the attached game that drove the sale? Apparently so, as 75% of InfoScout panelists who purchased a gaming console this Black Friday said that the included game was a major influence on their purchase decision.

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JMaine5181395d ago

In the US this is believable but PS4 still dominates globally.

s8anicslayer1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Misleading title, I would say more like the "Holiday Console Bundle War in the US", not the overall console war.

jb2271395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

It's also misleading because it's taken from a small cross section of 180,000 purchasers in their area. It's like the Nielsen system, yet even less accurate or effective. The PS4 is still at the top of Amazon & Best Buys best sellers lists which is a lot more accurate of a judge than some dude with a blog and a lot of free time. Seems to me that even with the dropped price on the One that the PS4 is still winning in the US, I suppose we will see actual numbers before too long to illustrate that though.

guitarded771395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

If it is accurate, all it took was a reversal on all policies, two price drops, the removal of Kinect and some new IP's.

This holiday, XBOX One got some good momentum by being cheaper, and having more big new games. What does MS have scheduled for the first quarter of 2015? 3 months at a time, the pendulum swings.

Army_of_Darkness1395d ago

Take it easy guys... Just... Let ms enjoy their only moment for now ;-) after all, I think the xbone deserves it after being sold dirt cheap with bundles and all....

halfblackcanadian1395d ago

@jb227 keep in mind though, at least in Amazon's case, the top seller is updated every hour. Also, being the top any given hour is only a solid proof of anything if you know what the actually quantities are (100 units may be top selling one hour, but need to be 150 to be best selling then next - obviously the numbers used are dumber down numbers for arguments sake)

GameLover561395d ago Show
Ezz20131395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Let's be real here for a sec
That's my honest opinion

Does it really matter ?!
No one would call it a win if MS took Novamber NPD
i mean they did everything they could but give Xboxone for free
and i bet that if Ps4 lost in NOV
The numbers will still be very close for that month

and unless MS will keep xbox at that price drop while giving 2 games for free with it
this whole gen
things will remain the same for the rest of this gen in US

and let's not bring worldwide sales
because It's pretty tough for xbox brand out there
there is more chance of me to set on the table to eat breakfast only to see an Alien set next to me and pass me the milk
than Xboxone taking the top spot worldwide

imt5581395d ago

Yep! This is InfoScout's last year chart for November :

But NPD said otherwise last year :
PS4 1100k+
Xbone 900k+

Can't forget MS's hilarious spin last year : fastest selling console in November

Yeah! InfoScout is reliable.

BallsEye1395d ago


funny how your kind do not complain at all when vgcharts write a 3 line article that ps4 sold this and that without giving any source at all. This one atleast have a source, and yet you complain.

XBLSkull1395d ago

Cheaper price, bundles with non-last Gen games, cheaper price, better games, more functionality and a better network cement the X1 as the must have console of this holiday season. Congrats to Microsoft for doing everything right and moving a ton of consoles, and that was just in one day, no reason it wont continue the rest of the year.

mikeslemonade1395d ago

264k-245K is considered dominating? Those are last week sales. And this week the PS4 actually did better. Less X1 bundles were in top 10 as compared to last week and the PS4 bundle was at #1 for a while.

This is plain spin.

And no the network is not better. PS Plus is better than XBL and that's a fact.

fr0sty1395d ago

It should do well now that MS has done the things I've said they would have to do all along in order to even be able to compete with PS4... 1) Drop DRM 2) Drop the price point to lower than PS4, since Xbox One has inferior hardware.

Now that both have been done, Xbox is now at a point where it has found a niche market. It no longer has to try to compete toe to toe with PS4. You may not get 1080p or stable framerates most of the time, but you aren't paying as much for it either so it balances out.

However, Xbox One is not a cheap machine to produce. It was the first consumer product to have 32mb of on-die ESRAM, which jacked up production costs a good bit. So, it remains to be seen how long MS can sustain the current price point or how much money they are willing to lose in order to gain market share. The Xbox brand has been in the red since the original Xbox, and MS investors aren't happy about that. If the One can't start turning profits soon, they won't keep giving the division that line of credit needed to sustain those low price points. Time will tell.

DigitalRaptor1394d ago

@ XBLSkull

"no reason it wont continue the rest of the year."

U having a laff m8?

TheHunter811394d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Title should read "holiday sales or holiday bundle" but not the war overall.

MysticStrummer1394d ago

"no reason it wont continue the rest of the year."

Possibly, but 360 often won NA during the holidays last gen yet still finished last. I guess we're back to the "NA isn't the world" days.

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beereal3601395d ago ShowReplies(4)
Gaming247allday1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Guys, this isn't VGChartz, they have checked 182,000 Receipts of real Customers and they have said that Xbox One accounted for 53% of all Console sales over Black Friday, while PS4 only accounted for 31% of all Console sales, but i guess these guys are liars as well and they have massivly over tracked Xbox One somehow even though they have actual Receipts right? lmao

"hard to tell" lol what a joke this place has become

Silly gameAr1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

182,000 people? Yep, that's almost equal to millions of shoppers right there.

Clarence1395d ago

What! So you think that there were only a 182k shoppers on Black Friday?

gamertk4211395d ago

Sample size which reflects similar numbers probably within 3-5% margin of error.

SoapShoes1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

They also showed Xbox One winning November last year but NPD reported PS4 selling more.

No_Limit1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )


You do know the PS4 was released on 11/11 vice 11/22 for XB1, right? That is an extra 11 days of sales for November, the PS4 better have more sales with that advantage.

But get this:"November NPD Group figures released today revealed 909,132 Xbox One units were sold in the US in the console's first nine days, making it the fastest-selling console on the market in the US."

christocolus1395d ago

if this is true then its amazing. 360 and xbox one = 62% of black friday sales. MS must be happy with these sales. to keep the momentum going all they need to do is keep the price the way it is and keep investing in huge AA exclusives.

SmielmaN1395d ago

Who checked these receipts? Were they mailed to infoscout? Did he and his friends wait at exits of stores and ask to see ppl's receipts? Did they purposefully check more ppl holding XBone kits? This info is not at all reliable and is simply click bait for fanboys. Down vote this article. It's nonsense. Give me NPD info, not this guys fanboy crusade (and one pic of PS4's in stock). On that note, let's not forget that companies withhold stock (a la nintendo) during these periods to create a false sense of limitation in its availability. Greenberg would most certainly be the type to play that card for buzz and potential sales.

marlinfan101395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

180k people is a decent sample size, what are you guys talking about?

i remember a few months ago there was a 6000 person online survey saying ps4 would do better in china and i got down voted like crazy for saying that was too small, yet 180k actual purchase receipts aren't enough? funny how that works....

DigitalRaptor1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

@ Christocolus

"to keep the momentum going all they need to do is keep the price the way it is and keep investing in huge AA exclusives."

Or not release any AAA exclusives from now until 6-8 months into next year? That will certainly keep the momentum going…. /s

You guys need to be realistic. Just like after the massive push at launch, which many also deemed impressive, the sales after the new year are just going to drop significantly until the holiday season, which Microsoft appears to believe is the only worthy time to compete:

And by "AA", surely you mean "AAA"?

Biggest1394d ago

@marlinfan10 "180k people is a decent sample size, what are you guys talking about?

i remember a few months ago there was a 6000 person online survey saying ps4 would do better in china and i got down voted like crazy for saying that was too small, yet 180k actual purchase receipts aren't enough? funny how that works...."

It's closer to 1,500. The 180k people were just receipts, not console receipts. Check the website again.

marlinfan101394d ago

oh okay i misread that then

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neocores1395d ago

I find it funny lol. That even though its saling ps4 is sell 1mil ahead in the US and almost 6.5mil World Wide

TheMeatPuppet0071395d ago

Another misleading click-bait title that construes the construed data. How much construing can the construed construe is my question? Well, I guess when the data is already construed, there's not much left to construe further? Anywho.......

SideNote1395d ago

You like the word Construe don't

GameLover561395d ago

Please keep telling yourself that but reality Sony is not dominating nothing Xbox One new figures are in and it's caught up

poor_cus_of_games1395d ago

The xbone will need to sell over 100,000 consoles a month for 10 months to catch up. Let alone saying that it has "caught up".

Wh15ky1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

"not dominating nothing"

So they're dominating everything?

What is it with you few week old accounts. You sign up, accuse everyone you disagree with of being delusional fanboys until you lose your bubbles, then you'll no doubt blame the 'biased bubble system', then we'll never hear from you again... at least not as Gamelover56.

I sincerely hope you're getting paid for this.

MysticStrummer1394d ago

"new figures are in and it's caught up"

Drug test this person quick. They might get behind the wheel and hurt someone.

lfc_4eva1395d ago


You are correct about globally.
However would it really hurt you to congratulate MS on performing well in the US?

1395d ago
XxExacutionerxX1395d ago

Wow, sales don't make a one console better than the other. Over hype crap (Ps4) always sells very well.

showtimefolks1395d ago

Ms better win blackfriday they basically try to give away free Xbox ones. So many free games with system and system by itself was also durst cheap

Think about it it was said that at $500 MS was barely making any profit if not loosing money so now selling the system at such below market value can't be good.

I personally can't wait to get the exact numbers, because if it's still close even if Xbox one sold more than is it really a win for MS. For this to be success, Xbox one has had to outsells ps4 by huge margin during blackfriday and I just don't see that

Throughout the blackfriday and even now ps4 had multiple SKU with top10, and ps4 was either #1 or #2 on Amazon and best buy

Personally I think when it's all set and done ps4 wiould have sold more during blackfriday,

bu3ouf911395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

I agree, Greatness Awaits:

1394d ago
Syntax-Error1395d ago

Xbox has been selling like hotcakes this November. You will see when the total sales numbers come out next month. Their bundles have been selling and so have the $349.99 consoles. This might continue through December considering there's not going to be anymore sales from here on out.

1394d ago
1394d ago
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whoyouwit041395d ago

Oh boy, here go with the insecure sony trying to block this story. Like I said, it just tickles me that how unrealistic sony fans are being with themselves. If you had half a brain you knew that a higher priced PS4 bundle with rehashed exclusive had no chance against the Xbox one bundles. Sony fans need to stop holding on to the hope that PS4 won black friday when there has been far to many signs pointing to xbox winning... including pics of mountains of PS4s in stores. like I said the only reason PS4 is on top on most charts is because they have far more consoles still in stock.

Ripsta7th1395d ago

Same thing was said when infamous ss was going up against titanfall and look at how that turned out

MSBAUSTX1395d ago

I am hooked again on Titanfall since the release of they 8th update. CO OP Frontier defense is one of the most fun online experiences I have played and I have been playing it daily. Second son was good and those people who didnt play it can get it for 20 bucks right now. But man Titanfall keeps sucking me back in every other month. And it plus all DLC is less than 25 bucks on deals with gold. Thats a good deal.

GameBoyColor1395d ago

won the battle, still losing the war lol jk

blackout1395d ago

I remember when the ps3 came out and was down 10m from the start. Sony had a two to one count at the start of this gen and that seems to be already gone. SONY [email protected]*#ES.

DigitalRaptor1394d ago

@ blackout

You guys are truly pathetic. The gap at the start of this gen wasn't double, it was about 3-4 million and the gap has only increased as recent figures from both companies prove.

- PS4 has carried 15 million units.
- Xbone has carried 8 million units.

I remember when the PS3 came out and was 10m down from the start and caught it back up because it sold faster each year. Same is happening with the PS4 so I've no idea where you're getting your logic from. The delusion is toxic in these parts. You don't get outsold by the competition for over 9 straight months and then catch up in one month.

This is going to be one funny generation watching the Xboners trip over themselves in a desperate attempt to downplay the PS4's dominance.

Rimeskeem1395d ago

I like how you pretend its only sony fans. There have been so much negative media towards sony its not even funny.

TheRedButterfly1395d ago

Please tell me you're joking...

jb2271395d ago

This "data" was compiled by the site, it claims 180,000 receipts were collected from their own selection of customers...meanwhile, the PS4 has remained at the top of the best sellers list at Amazon, home to a whole HELL of a lot more than 180,000 yeah, these "stats" are far from conclusive.

Those rehashed exclusives also happen to be the 2 in disputed games of the year for last year, Unity is completely broken & far from game of the week status, much less the goty. If you understand what the online charts are, you should know that the top position isn't the product they have the most of on hand, it's the product with the most actual sales.

Lawboy21395d ago

It's funny there were reports like this last November but they were saying the ps4 and everyone believed them....wonder why

n4rc1395d ago

Oh really?

Any evidence of amazon selling 180k? Let alone a hell of a lot more?


Kayant1395d ago


Not really. That's not true at all.

"Data methodology:
Of over 102k shopping receipts tracked by InfoScout on Black Friday, slightly over 1,500 included purchases of a gaming console or console game. The data includes purchases at all major retailers carrying electronics including Walmart, Target, Best Buy, GameStop, RadioShack, and others. For more information related to our data and panel representation, visit our data page"

Anyways if last year's data only accounted towards 1,500 of actual sales for consoles/games I don't see this as any indication of anything because the PS4 won last black friday(November) in the end yet was again like today below the XB1 in this survey. Still it's likely the won XB1 won but this data is not useful in any way to show anything.

JackBNimble1395d ago

Funny you should say that because nobody , as of yet, has official numbers from black Friday .

The MS fanboy says " Sony fans need to stop holding on to the hope that PS4 won black friday when there has been far to many signs pointing to xbox winning"

hahaha... I doubt MS will ever be able to catch up to Sony this gen, just saying. Good luck on all those sales though.

Syntax-Error1395d ago

BF numbers will show Xbox sold more. I can assure you that. November alone was an xbox one month. Everyone was selling X1 for $329 including a game or two. I was in a doorbuster line and a few people were there for Xbox consoles and none for the PS4 since it was $399 for The Last of Us and GTA 5. Everyone kept saying they already had those games for PS3, so why buy it all over again. Makes sense. Idiotic bundle.

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qwerty6761395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

i wouldn't be surprised if this was true, microsoft just had better deals going on compared to sony.

but doesnt really matter,

even if xbox one beat ps4 sales for the month of november by 20 or 30% doesnt really matter in the long run ps4s already to far ahead.

ricochetmg1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

In every store in went tO they were sold out the ps4 were in short supply ,yet they basically made a desperate move but it worked.

Silly Mammo1395d ago

You might want to take a deep breath and try writing your sentence again.

Illusive_Man1395d ago

Soccer moms know what to put under the Christmas tree. The value is insane.

I predict a permanent price drop to $350.

KevWriter1395d ago

Soccer moms get what their kids beg them to get. Only the low income ones will go by just price.


Thats rude and crazy. $350 is not cheep

NoeLennon1395d ago

I guess the kids want xbones then eh?

Rimeskeem1395d ago

Soccer moms would get something related to soccer. Knowing how close FIFA and Sony are well...

ricochetmg1395d ago

Good parents get their kids what they want.

Daoshai1395d ago

Good parents get their kids what they need, but there are a lot of spoiled kids out there.

meatysausage1395d ago

Thats right, we need more children playing online COD and GTA dont we?

BiggerBoss1395d ago

Good parents do NOT get their kids whatever they want

MSBAUSTX1395d ago

I bet a ton of kids got that mario 3d world, smash U, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze bundle from Best Buy on Friday because everywhere I went they were sold out of that bundle and all Amiibos were gone. I dont mean one or two were left I mean they were all out everywhere. Online was out of the bundles and amiibos as well.

I bought the Lego Batman 3/Little Big planet 3 PS4 bundle off of Amazon. But I am willing that since the value is so high now with the bundles and prices getting better, all three consoles sold freaking great.

Honestly I hope they did. I want there to always be an Xbox, Nintendo, and a Playstation to play on. They all make for good times.

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CaptainObvious8781395d ago

If soccer mum's do their research they'll know to get a PS4.

LamerTamer1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Soccer mums will buy what is the cheapest. They don't know or care which one does 1080p more or has 900 or 792p games, they don't know what AO or shadow maps are, they know that the X1 is ridiculously cheap with low price and a bunch of games thrown in. Right now to them the $400.00 PS4 seems a ripoff.

I guess due to MS basically having infinite money they can get away with these deals and Sony can't.

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