‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Problems: Creators of GTA 5 Slam Lindsay Lohan For Lawsuit

Take-Two Interactive claimed that they were not going to concede anything to the actress after she filed a lawsuit against them and Rockstar Games back in July. They made a motion of their own to have the lawsuit dismissed, claiming Lohan's case was merely for publicity and was essentially "legally meritless."

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ArtificiallyYours1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

It's more sad that this is still a thing, or even conceived to have happened.

NegativeCreep4271357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Lindsey Lohan is vying for any publicity (i.e. attention) that she can get. Whether it be legitimate or not. She is so desperate and sad that it isn't even funny...except for maybe circus "media" outlets like TMZ.

user55757081356d ago

don't forget she's doing it for drug money too

Halo2ODST21356d ago

Well, rockstar are too lazy to release heists

wannabe gamer1356d ago

the legal system movies slowly with things like this. dont expect this to be the last time we hear of it.

EazyC1356d ago

You're referring to Lindsay Lohan in general I take it?

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Rimeskeem1357d ago

Lindsay Lohan?

I forgot she existed

camel_toad1357d ago

She's just a stain that wont go away.

kevinsheeks1356d ago

Right the one thing lemon pledge can't handle :(

Perjoss1357d ago

"I forgot she existed"

This is kind of the whole point, ex celebrities do almost anything to get back in the press.

DialgaMarine1356d ago

It's the only "life" they know. Child celebrities are one of the worst things ever conceived by man. They take children who could've lived normal productive lives and put them in the limelight and give them everything they could want, creating a nasty, selfish, narcissistic ball of annoyance that could have once been classified as a human being. They grow up, the flavor of the month changes, and they have to move on, but because that's only life they've ever known, they can't bear to lose. Then, as you just said, they'll do just about anything to try and get it back. It's all so f**king depressing.

OT: I find this hilarious, how some coked up, beat individual like herself is still so obsessed with herself that she actually believes a picture of a sexy cartoon female is somehow her. Thank god Take Two is just telling her to f**k off.

Me-Time1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Which makes it all the more cooler that Paris Hilton isn't like that. Really surprised by that. I have to bring this up.

Dee_911356d ago

I think she just has some douche lawyer in her ear telling her she has a case hoping to make some money considering how often this happens.

wannabe gamer1356d ago

lol paris hilton has a rich daddy to keep her from needing to sue to stay within her lifestyle. in fact ive got slightly more respect for lohan since at one time she was a working actress that did earn her money and fame. paris on the other hand is just a bimbo that lives off her daddys checkbook and only got fame from her crawling into the spotlight via reality tv and just being a boozy knob in front of paparazzi. Lohan may have turned into that but at least she was working at some point.

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Eonjay1357d ago

Its a shame that the rest of us can't depend on frivolous tax payer waste to support our lifestyles. We have to work.

ab5olut10n1357d ago

Speak for yourself, I'm on welfare.

I'm kidding.

Rimeskeem1357d ago

I was about to virtually punch you

sungam3d1357d ago

Washed up crack whore running low on money aye?

GdaTyler1357d ago

She is literally one of the most pathetic pieces of scum I've seen in a long time. She just can't go away for good and leave people alone. Go actually do something like working instead of leeching off of others' success. Waste of space, lol.

Catdawgg1356d ago

I dont know why people are disagreeing. Do they want you to sugar coat it?

mike_honcho1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

lol I'd say that is sugar coating it..
OT: the only one I can compare her likeness to in gta v is Trevor.. yano because of all the habitual hard drug use, issues with law enforcement, and both of them being dudes..

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