The Marvellous Miss Take (PC) Review - Cubed3

"The Marvellous Miss Take is a stealth game with the sole focus being on the stealth elements of the genre. It is a charming title that takes the memory back to games like The Classroom, but is, of course, more polished than that.

The story starts when Mrs. Agatha Take dies and her will is read. In that will it is written that Mr. Blackstock should inherit her entire art collection. However, something is fishy about that as those two were enemies and that Mrs. Agatha Take would give her art collection to him over her daughter Miss Sophia Take is unthinkable. Something is wrong and it is up to young Miss Take to correct this mistake by taking back the art collection from Mr. Blackstock. The problem is that said art collection is spread across his numerous art museums, which means that Miss Take has to go in there and steal them from under the nose of the guards. A rookie thief is born."

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