Is the PlayStation 4 the Greatest Console of All Time?

GamerBolt: "There is now little debate that the PS4 is the best console available, boasting immersive gameplay, high definition graphics, next generation social media capabilities and revolutionary second-screen features."

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stonecold31357d ago

i have to agree ps4 is the fastest selling console of all time proud to be a ps4 owner since ps1 ps2 ps3 days

Abash1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Too early to tell, but with the incredible worldwide success in it's first year alone giving every developer a reason to jump on-board and develop PS4 games, it definitely has the potential to be the greatest console yet

Gaming247allday1357d ago

I enjoyed the Xbox 360 more so, especially with the bugs and PSN downtime, really frustrating as a 360 user

Army_of_Darkness1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I'll let you know my answer after I play uncharted 4 & God of war 4.

@gaming247 bro! You have a Sony console? Get out! Lmfao

llxKonanxll1357d ago

@Gaming247all day

The Red Ring Of Death was really frustrating for me.

UltraNova1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

As much as I love my ps4 as of now it doesnt hold a candle against the N64 or snes or ps1 or ps2, hell not even the ps3. Salewise however...its pameling prety much everything except Nintendo handhelds.

Ra30301357d ago

I to was a Xbox 360 user and 3 times my account was hacked a stolen and Microsoft was unwilling to help in any way other than a new gamer tag but the money I spent in the Xbox store for digital games and DLC and the money I had in my account all gone and they could care less because they already had my money and thought I'd rebuy the other stuff. I found that a little frustrating . The Xbox Microsoft crowd always points out the troubles with the Sony Network and it has its issues no doubt but they never every wanna talk about the millions of Xbox users who's accounts were hacked and stolen and in my opinion that was a much bigger issue than the Sony Network being down for a month or whatever it was. ...but that's just my opinion.

darren_poolies1357d ago

Games dictate what is the greatest console of all time, not sales so as of yet it isn't but it has the potential to be.

RosweeSon1357d ago

Yeah agree it's far too early can't judge a console as the best ever when none of its major games have released and it's not even been out a year, well just but yeah PS2 is possibly the top console built in DVD and all that, but then I grew up with NES/SNES mega drive (genesis) there have been some fantastic console over the year and Sony have created a beast it's certainly looking that way but give it another year or 2 for the big hitters to start arriving and some more cool features like share play to arrive, great start tho ;)

BX811357d ago

No the ps4 will not be the greatest console ever. For me it's the original Nin or the NiN 64. So much fun on both

miyamoto1357d ago

This Gamingbolt website is sure a low life click bait website without no credibility.

Don't feed these trolls.

AndrewLB1356d ago

I agree that it's way too early to tell since hardware sales are meaningless when it comes to a console being considered "great". It's all about the games, and there hasn't been a single game released on PS4 that has forced me to go down and purchase the console, and to be fair... the same can be said for Xbone as well. The greatest consoles in the last 10-15 years have clearly been the PS2 and 360

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WeirdShroom1357d ago

Naw, Wii is the fastest selling, then PS2. PS4 is doing phenominal, but don't lose yourself in the fanboy wars. Xbox One is tracking ahead of 360 and PS2's sales in a year's time. Both of them are doing fantastic...just happens that PS4 is doing twice as fantastic.

RosweeSon1357d ago

But that's a big difference in one year, nearly double the amount sold, we all know what happened when this happened to Sony with PS3 against 360's fantastic start, ps4 will dominate this gen the xbox one is the next PS3 shame for microsoft tho that they won't be in the same position as Sony with PS3 being the most technical console out of the 2 and getting done by all the xbox 360 ports at least Sony had a techy console that could eventually make better looking games but it took them how many years to catch up 5/6 it's been 9 years since PS3/360 launched and it's only been about 2/3 for them to be on par it took Sony a long time to catch 360 thing is they had a better console this time the better (technically superior console) is the ps4 and xbox one is not how are they gonna turn that around to make it better than ps4, don't think they can with the system they have but we shall see.

Automatic791357d ago

I believe to early to call. Let's see what the future holds and how well those games do before calling it the greatest of all time.

Note Just purchased a PS4 to go along with my Xbox One so now I can experience the best of both worlds, just like last generation. Primarily I will be an Xbox player, but there is no denying that there will be some solid exclusives coming to PS4. I only ask of one things from Sony please bring out Resistance. Love that game last generation.

ABizzel11357d ago

I enjoy all 3 consoles so far, but it's far too soon to claim any such thing, on top of there not being enough huge games out to support it as well for any of the 3 consoles.

Automatic791357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )


Its weird most of my Xbox One friends are enjoying there exclusives Halo MCC, titanfall and Sunset Overdrive along with multiplats like Call of Duty and Assassins creed where as on PS4 most of my friends are enjoying multiplats as well as games like Killzone and MLB. I think its fair to say that both systems have more then enough huge games to keep us gamers busy.

1357d ago
ABizzel11357d ago

A year's worth of Tier 2 exclusives can't compare to entire console generations. PS4 / XBO / and Wii U (2 years) don't have enough time, games, and content under their belt to be considered for such a title.

Most powerful console, yes.
Most multi-use console, yes.
First Tablet / Console hybrid, yes.

Greatest console of all time, No. It takes years of content to earn that title.

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I love my ps4 but imo the best console ever is between the sega genesis and the snes.

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Conzul1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

As much as I love and believe in Playstation (I've owned all of them), and even Xbox (<3 them Halos) I'd have to give greatest console of all time to the N64.

Because it's not a numbers game - it's a games game.

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Outthink_The_Room1357d ago


Best console of all time? That title is kept for the NES...

....but a valiant effort nonetheless.

Cueil1357d ago

NES is my least favorite console of all time unless we include some of the off brand crazy stuff from the 70s like Odyssey

psforward1357d ago

You forgot the S in front of NES.

freshslicepizza1357d ago

SNES, then the first playstation for me.

All_Consoles1357d ago

"NES is my least favorite console" I'm sorry, but you are not a gamer if you think that

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hiredhelp1357d ago

The greatest of all time atthis early in the Game ... No.
Could it be of course just look at there history starting from first playstation upwords.

Themba761357d ago

na i still say it's the snes but I do love my ps4.

Relientk771357d ago

No console is the "greatest of all time" with only being out for a year. The gaming library is not big enough yet, way too many games have yet to be released, and many more we havn't even seen or yet to be announced.

Mega241357d ago

Also, time is not coming to an end, meaning that there could be more consoles coming in given time.