Review: Thomas Was Alone - NLife

"We're in the middle of one of the most diverse, intriguing periods in video game history. The rise of download games, small 'indie' developers and stores like the Wii U eShop have shifted how we think about content; we're a long way from the retail-only culture of the '90s or even early 2000s. One modern trend is for low-fi experiences that are simple aesthetically and in concept, yet in the case of the eShop can also often be mediocre-to-poor efforts from those aiming for a quick buck while learning on the job. Thomas Was Alone, first released over two years ago, is the product of Mike Bithell's efforts to develop his skills, utilise hard-earned contacts and to deliver a clear vision for a game. It's a definitive example of how to take a simple approach and deliver a wonderful experience, and an example to those still taking early steps in the world of development."

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