The 5 Worst Games Released on Xbox One This Year

GamerBolt: "Now with the 2014 drawing to a close let’s take a look back, at the 5 worst games released on Xbox One this year."

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lifeisgamesok1356d ago

"Lacking the blockbuster releases of the PS4" What??

But I agree with The Fighter Within being the worst game for Xbox One

Other than that Xbox One has had the best lineup between the two at launch and 2014 IMO

Askanison41355d ago

So now we have GamingBolt and GamerBolt posting awful click bait articles. Why do these even get approved?

KarmaV121355d ago

Alien Isolation???? Who in the hell wrote this?? They probably don't even play video games.

SilentNegotiator1355d ago

There are plenty of reviewers and gamers alike that thought the game wasn't very good.

Kornholic1355d ago

Therefore those reviewers and gamers aren't reliable. Alien: Isolation is easily one of the best games this year without a doubt.

Gamer7771355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Click bait; three of the games are multiplats (The Legend Korra, EA Sports UFC, and Aliens Isolation). Crimson Dragon and Fighter With were released last year. LOL gamerbolt put some effort into your "articles" and hire actual journalists. Plus Alien Isolation is generally considered to be a good game.

1355d ago
pop-voxuli1355d ago

The worst 5 would be the ONLY five!!!

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