Gameplanet reviews Race Driver:Grid

Gameplanet reports:

''Race Driver: GRID is essentially the continuation of the V8 Supercars/TOCA Race Driver series, but has moved away from the original series in all the best possible ways. Gone are the linear and irritating video style presentations of the past, where you are in the shoes of a young driver with your manager and pit-boss constantly breathing down your neck.

You now start off creating your own persona, with the ability to even select what you would like to be called by your manager and your team over the pit-radio from a substantial list of real names, male and female, and nicknames. This is one of those little features we have been wishing for ever since racing games were first developed, and it's finally been realised.

Once you're in the game you are given an old Mustang to restore, and you need to race for existing teams to earn the money to achieve this. Once you have clocked together the wins you can then give the Mustang a new paint job, as well as name your own racing team. This means you will be able to enter a range of races over three continents, the US, Europe and Asia.''

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Pizza The Hut3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Are AAA titles that have been INCREDIBLY and SADLY overlooked by gamers...while more run of the mill, and mediocre games have been praised to no end ....I feel like im in the "BIZZARO WORLD" of gaming recently

Utalkin2me3816d ago

Agree one of the best racing title's in a long time. And getting great review's, that's fine i have been playing it since day one and i love it.