“Metal Slug Attack” Trademarked by SNK; Another Mobile Game or Something Else?

SNK Playmore has been very keen on mobile games, and recently they released the tower defense game Metal Slug Defense, bringing the old and glorious franchise to iOS and Android.
Something else seems to be brewing, as the developer now registered “Metal Slug Attack” with the Japanese Trademark and Patent Office.

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GT671151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

PLEASE!!!!!!-come-to-playstati on-four---as-a-physical-disc.
Sony-please!!!-bring-back-Gra dius,Einhander,R-type,Darius-t wins,Battle-arena-toshiden..... .. .............................

1151d ago
Skate-AK1151d ago

Seriously sounds like a mobile game,

Zichu1151d ago

I love Metal Slug, I remember playing I think it was the second one in the arcades. I own the 3rd on PS2 and on XBLA. They need to release them on more platforms, they don't look like games that would be difficult to port or have problems performing on the PS4, X1 and Wii U.

Godmars2901150d ago

Given the name, I'm guessing torrent defense.

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