TVG reviews The Bourne Conspiracy

TVG reports:

''Let's cut right to the chase: I'm sure what you all want to know is will The Bourne Conspiracy make you feel like Jason Bourne; will it bring the fast paced action of the films to game consoles? Thankfully, it does. Most movie licensed games fail to do this; they fail to give you a piece of the silver screen experience in the respective game. High Moon Studios has crafted gameplay that demands the split second reactions of Bourne the fugitive, and the fighting skills of Bourne the trained assassin.

This all starts with the "Quick Action Events", which are built around the same premise of interactive cut-scenes in other games, although they also run through the main gameplay in The Bourne Conspiracy. These events cater for everything from taking out a group of enemies (with guns or bare fists), to reversing your car out of trouble after being T-boned by a bus, or even jumping across the balconies of Switzerland's American embassy. You'll encounter them in all corners of the game and although we've never been fans of interactive cut-scenes, we've got to admit that they certainly work in this instance.''

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