More Developers and Panel Coming at PlayStation Experience; Sony Santa Monica: “Should Be a Blast”

PlayStation Experience is only one week away, and new info keep surfacing about the developers in attendance and the panels that attendees will be able to enjoy.

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The93Sting1389d ago

Awesome, really hyped for this event! only 6 days to go


starchild1389d ago

I'm so excited for new gameplay of some games we already know about, as well as for new announcements. I can't wait.

thereapersson1389d ago

I'm really not trying to over hype myself for this event, because I have been somewhat let down in the past by Sony's announcements versus their actual showing. However, I think this event will be worth the hype, because we haven't heard a lot from it and there's a lot of content announced for it thus far. Plus, David Jaffe will be there and we rarely hear anything out of him as of late.

Can't wait for this! I'm hoping they have more footage of the Order:1886 including a new playable section that nobody else has seen yet.

OB1Biker1389d ago

yea RAD confirmed a few days ago its a never seen demo. Also I reckon Tidux saw it as he tweeted about how a game improved a lot and a boss battle in it.. just my guess though

Rimeskeem1389d ago

Uncharted 4 is just eheheeafbgalkjsbgkan, i must see it!

CocoWolfie1389d ago

eheheeafbgalkjsbgkan's with you* XD

tanukisuit1389d ago

Has it been stated yet, if Kojima + Del Toro will be there? I am itching to see new stuff on "Silent Hills".

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The story is too old to be commented.