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Roger from Codec Moments writes :"When it comes to fairy tales, more often than not the story is dark and deep in plot and is shrouded in heroism and happy endings. Fables, a comic book series written by Bill Willingham, knows all too well that fairy tales tend to be based on adult themes, be they death, consequences or evil villains. The writer of Fables brought that side of childhood fairy tales to the forefront of his stories. The Wolf Among Us, developed by Telltale Games is an adaptation of the Fables universe brought for the first time to video game format."

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axerated1324d ago

Playing through this on my vita at the moment, I decided back when it came out on ps3 that I wanted to wait for it to be a game for my vita instead.
Awesome game; story, soundtrack and characters are really well done. Performance however is pretty bad, which makes it hard to play in some parts.
Telltale and their quirky chugging game engine. Still, hell of a game mind...

grifter0241324d ago

Tried playing on physical since I like playing all of it instead of waiting between episodes.

Lag,super long wait times between button presses.

I don't know how Telltale can't optimize the damn games that are making them relevant.