Sunset Overdrive, Far Cry 4, 1-Year XLive Cyber Monday 2014 Deals: As Low As $35 Each

Techtorial: Rakuten ( is doing a special promo for video games and console bundles letting gamers get big discount with Paypal this Cyber Monday.

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MSBAUSTX1355d ago

Man I would jump on that PS+ and Xbox live deal if I hadnt spent like 600 bucks already over the last couple days. I am tapped for months! I didnt even get to buy Captain Toad like I wanted due to PS4 bundle being such a good deal.

Barneyco1355d ago

I just tried and it said promo not active yet. I'll try again tomorrow.

nyctophilia131355d ago

Article is wrong, promo doesn't work today, starts tomorrow.