Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Concept Artwork Sets The Mood for a Tropical Storm

Naughty Dog Concept Artist Eytan Zana released quite a treat today, in the form of one of the high resolution version of one of the two pieces of Uncharted 4: A Thief‘s End concept art included in The Art of Naughty Dog artbook.

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G20WLY1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

GOAT?? All time? I like that - never heard it before! There's always a possibility you could be right, seeing as this is ND we're talking about.

We won't know until it's out, but if you gotta bet on anything...might as well be U4! :)

thereapersson1354d ago

G20WLY, I think it means "Game Of All Time"

zeroskie1354d ago

Greatest of all Time. A phrase commonly used to describe Muhammed Ali as an athlete and boxer, for example.

PlayableGamez1354d ago

It's going to be a competitive year next year. My bet for GOTY is MGSV:PP. That game looks mind blowing.

venom_awakens1354d ago

Tpp have an incredibly deep gameplay..
uncharted superb graphics.
I prefer gameplay than graphics,but I will play both of them.
The most anticipated games for me.

Killzoner991354d ago

There's no way MGSV is going to look anywhere near as good as Uncharted 4. This will be the game that defines the generation.Naughty Dog are gods.

PlayableGamez1354d ago

Graphics doesn't determine GOTY, it depends on story and gameplay. MGSV is looking pretty good on both parts. That is why I pick that game as my most anticipated title of 2015 and my runner up for GOTY 2015.

pain777pas1354d ago

Guys both are gameplay driven games believe it or not. Uncharted is just twitcher and less non-combative options. Both games should be great and are both from established series. Well see how the chips fall but, Uncharted sort of has the advantage of just being responsive and usually linear. Kojima has to have so many systems in place to make the game sing. Both great and can't wait to play both in honesty. Uncharted is always been underated in the gameplay department and to me it is one of the top TPS ever. MGS is just on an iconic level that kept us gaming as we grew older. Without the MGS series who knows if there would be an Uncharted which is a more mature themed game or mature themed games in general. Love them both play them both. 2015 the new 2007/1998.

Kumomeme1354d ago

mgsv is open world game while uncharted 4 is linear ..ofcourse uncharted gonna look better

open world game take toll of lot of things

naughty dog might be the best at storytelling,but dont forget,hideo kojima also great at storytelling,even movie expert are respecting him

surely there are lot tight competitive next year like witcher 3 and others,but metal gear and hideo kojima work are something cannot be taken lightly

kojima aim for 'V' aka victory....metal gear are surely very tough contender that other company need to pay attention for

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AndrewLB1353d ago

It's hilarious that people would even say such a thing without having seen even a single second of actual gameplay footage.

Insomnia_841354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )



Ok, it doesn't change the fact that I've seen this before. So in my eyes it's old...

Abriael1354d ago

There's a big difference between a bad looking scan from a book and the real thing in full resolution.

CallOfDutyFan1354d ago


That Looks STUNNING!
Can't Wait!

Silly gameAr1354d ago

I think I would hang that up in my house.

Kurisu1354d ago

Nice concept art. Now, trailer please with actual footage :D

Patience is a virtue, I guess ^^

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