Cubed3 reviews Lego Indiana Jones (Wii)

James Temperton writes:

''If you're unfamiliar with how LEGO works in videogame form, it is pretty simple. Take a well known movie franchise, shove in lots of bricks and amusing cut-scenes, create lots of puzzles and throw in loads of unlockable characters and secret items. What it creates is one of the most enjoyable, amusing and solidly made franchises in the the world of videogames.

We loved the LEGO Star Wars adventures, so we've been eagerly anticipating their efforts to LEGO-ify the world of Indiana Jones, one of the most recognisable movie franchises in the world. Thankfully then, this game offers everything the Star Wars original offered, which can only be good news, but alas does little to expand upon it, especially on the Wii. Whilst the gameplay is always solid and playing through the first three movies is great fun, the (almost) total lack of innovation in controls on the Wii really lets this title down. Simply hammering your wrists up and down to attack enemies does not constitute good use of the Wii hardware. As it stands, this is a good GameCube game on the Wii, which is a bit of a shame.''

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