Far Cry 4 Sells 1.8M Units Worldwide First Week - PS4, Xbox One, X360, PS3, PC

The Ubisoft FPS Far Cry 4 hit store shelves last week and worldwide first week sales are in. The game managed to sell a combined 1,805,668 units across all platforms for the week ending November 22, 2014.

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DarkOcelet1360d ago

Sooo Far Cry 5 confirmed for 2015. I bet this will be their next yearly franchise.

shammgod1360d ago

Yep. This is destined to become as stale as assassins creed

-Foxtrot1360d ago

Sad thing is with what Far Cry 4 offered, despite being decent it felt like 3.5 not 4.

They can only do this once, if they do this again it's going to be stale.

shallowpoint1360d ago

Damn ps4 sold over 1mill!!

Sir_Simba1360d ago

Mother of God
Sold more than all other platforms put together O.O

tinynuggins1360d ago

I would hope so with double the user base.

BiggerBoss1360d ago

@tinynuggins Ps4 has double the user base of X1, 360, and PC combined?

Army_of_Darkness1360d ago

It's hard for some xbone gamers to think sometimes because their heads are always up in the "cloudzzz"

akaFullMetal1360d ago

PS4 isn't double the the user base of ps3,360,xbox one and PC.

Sir_Simba1360d ago


Really, People on Xbox one + PS3 + Xbox 360 + PC = Ps4 userbase
Are you serious

GFahim1360d ago

so the ps3 version, which has an install base of about 100 million, only sold 190,000 whereas if it was released on the wii U with an install base of about 7 million and sold 190,000 then everyone will be like '3rd party games dont sell on the wii-uuuzzz!!!!

ABizzel11360d ago

Which is exactly why PS3 and 360 versions won't be coming out next installment.

Farsendor11360d ago

ps3 and 360 market is fading quickly I think more quickly than people thought it would. That console generation just went on way too long.

TheSaint1360d ago

Are we really still talking about and trying to knock the PS3?

lonelyplayer1360d ago

Ubisoft should stop messing with The ps4 versión and The parity BS after this

kevnb1360d ago

the ps4 version is at higher resolution.

MaxwellBuddha1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

That's cute, you actually think the PS4 is a significant step above the Xbox One, and believe that the games are gimped because they aren't running at true 1920x1080 AND with a rigid 60 frames per second. So cute.

Meanwhile, in reality...

THIS is what ACTUAL and DELIBERATE gimping looks like.

Consoles: holding back progress since 2005.

josephayal1360d ago

Nice, the game is 300x better than it's predecessor, can't wait for the Wii u version

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The story is too old to be commented.