Xbox One's 8M units compared to PS2, Xbox 360 and Wii

GGG compares the first year sales of the Xbox One to past consoles like the PS2 and Xbox 360, arguing that the picture some paint for the console's commercial status isn't as bleak as it seems.

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ape0071354d ago

this accomplishment is AMAZING in its own right

the ps4 however is out of this world, love both systems

G20WLY1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Agreed - it's particularly amazing that it's doing this well at the same time as the PS4 smashes records. When something's as popular as the PS4, you might expect it's main competitor's sales to be reduced to a trickle, but that's not happening here at all.

Microsoft have responded to the threat with tempting deals and a perceivable change in the dodgy attitude they showed at the time they announced the console.

This gen shows a sizable uptick in sales compared to last gen, which is great news for everyone - whether you're in the industry, a shareholder or a gamer.

Bobby Kotex1353d ago

I remember the PS2 basically knocked Sega out of the console market.

FriedGoat1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Honest question here, appreciate if anyone knows the answer. When was the last time Sony or Microsoft gave a press release about sold through numbers? Why are people writing articles on VGCharts hearsay?

GhostTurtle1353d ago

I agree. I've been a ps4 guy all year. Had a deal opened for me I couldn't refuse a few weeks ago. Was tempted to dip into the Xbox One bc of the master chief collection, and spotted a deal for a kinectless x1 that came with AC Black Flag, Unity, and MC Collection for $370. I now own an Xbox One.

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NeoGamer2321353d ago

As stated in the article you obviously did not read the Wii sold 20 million in its first year.

The Wii was out of this world. The PS4 didn't even come close.

ape0071353d ago

the wii is not in the same league, it was cheap in price and casual, if u want to be correct, make the wii cost 400$ and do the analysis

DialgaMarine1353d ago

The Wii was a cheap toy for parents to buy for granny and the kids to play with. It was a super gimmick that sold on that alone. Eventually, people stopped buying into it after the Wii's first 4 years, and the console took one of the worst nosedives in history, hence why it will never even pass the PS1 in sales, let alone the PS2, which people were originally predicting it to beat. Considering what PS4 has managed to accomplish, despite some shortcomings here and there, it's doing phenomenal and will easily pass the Wii.

NeoGamer2321353d ago

@ape007 and DialgaMarine
It doesn't matter what you think the Wii was. It sold 20m in the first year and that makes it the best ever first year console. Just because they had a different price point does not make it any less a console. Neither does the market that bought it...

donthate1353d ago


If you are going to talk about price, keep in mind that both the PS4 and Xbox One is considerably cheaper than past console launches when accounting for inflation.

That is of course ignoring the rapid decrease in price on both the PS4 and Xbox One as well.

Let's face it, each console sale has it's own reason. That could be price, brand name, value, technology or even games you want to play. Regardless, it is a selling point!

ape0071353d ago


people people, the wii is not in the same league as ps4, being happy about wii selling more is the same of being happy that Kinect sports sold more than TLOU

NeoGamer2321353d ago

You are correct... The Wii is not in the same league as the PS4...

It was the fastest ever selling console in the first year. The PS4 does not compare nor did it even come close.

MaxwellBuddha1353d ago

LOL at all the Ponies moving the goalposts again... It's what they do best.

Unspoken1352d ago

The Wii sold faster than the PS4. Case closed.

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BG115791353d ago

It is not so amazing when you compare the size of the gaming population at those periods with today...
Consoles, PC and others are doing better now because the gaming population has increased greatly since those times.
If they made an comparison of the number of buyers and the size of the gaming population, the ratio wouldn't probably be as good as they are making it.

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Manic20141354d ago

Wow, that's closer than I thought it would be.

no_more_heroes1353d ago

That's the thing people aren't willing to see. The PS4 is selling at breakneck pace, but the XB1 itself is actually doing really well too.

Dudebro901353d ago

Cept that number is completely made up by vgchartz...

GameBoyColor1353d ago

what if they announce the real numbers at the event and it's like at 17 Million :0

qwerty6761353d ago

" Now, the same source is reporting that the Xbox One has hit 8 million units sold around the world with 32 million games sold."

its funny all these sites fail to mention these numbers came from vgcharz and call it "sources"

they all realize it no credibility whatsoever.

also funny to see so many people taking these numbers seriously ive seen them off by 1m+ before thats how bad it is.

TheFutureIsBlue1353d ago

Wonder when both companies will actually reveal their sell numbers?

jjonez181353d ago

We will definately get numbers from their financial reports after the holidays in early January.

Sell through is another story. That depends almost entirely on how confident Sony/MS/Big N are in their numbers.

Look out for Nov/Dec NPD and PSX for sell through.

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