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"The very first thing you do in Race Driver: GRID is enter your name, country and nickname and bang, you're straight away seated in a Dodge Viper SRT-10 going 200kph down the sun soaked, spectator filled city streets of San Francisco on a mission to win. This is how Codemasters's Race Driver: GRID starts off, throwing the gamer straight into the action without the need of any tutorial on the controls or basic playing techniques of the racing at hand."

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Godem3820d ago

Great review guys! I gotta pick this up sometime

GrathiusXR3820d ago

Thanks mate. Yes it is a very exciting and fun arcade race.
By all means it is worth every penny you pay for it. While online has some hiccups it sure is fun to play.

With the different race classes and the thrilling Le mans race which you can do in online that actually goes for 24 hours :| why wouldn't you want :)

Immortal Kaim3820d ago

I only played Grid for small amount of time but I think it's bloody fantastic. I'm not usually 'into' the racing genre, but Grid is just fun.

Great Review. I'm sold

XboxOZ3603820d ago

I had intended to do the review myself as I'm just a mad-keen racers, and was exceptionally skeptical of Codies re-mix of thier Race Driver brand.

But after playing it for some considerable hours, both on a Review code and retail code, I was most impressed with the presentation and follow through of the game.

One HUGE bug-bear for me, and I suppose many others is, and I have NO IDEA why Codies did NOT do this, but there is no facility to store your races (save replays) or take pics of your races such as in Forza 2 etc.

When you're in Flashback, youcan pause it frame by frame, change the camera angle on the fly, which woul dbe brilliant for pics etc, but WHY did they omit the Photography aspect and the replay aspect.

That is one of the BIGGEST things Forza 2 has going for it, and keeps the game alive on both Live and on, as ppl are constantly uploading images of crashes, colour scheme, video replays etc. If Codies wanted to extend the games replay value, they should look at fixing this via a patch of some sort.

I think overall, that's the main area of concern for me. Some say the AI is hopeless, I'd say their driving is hopeless rather than the AI's, as my experience of it is that it ramps its self up or down according to the players "abilities" And if said player is lousy, then hello, the AI isn't going to be any better.

I've played over 450 hours in PGR3 (don't like PGR4), A few hundred plus hours in Forza 2 and have a stable of cars painted up on Flickr (around 200 - if anyone's interested, check out my Forza 2 page on our site), and love the handling and physics of Forza 2. But GRID certainly fills the gap between Semi-Sim and Arcade, without being too much of one and not enough of the other. It's a perfect mix actually. If all other "arcade" racers took this approach, then they'd have a much longer play-life.

Now if Codies would just give us some Save facility for replays and taking Pics, I'd be a happy little vegimite indeed.

GrathiusXR3820d ago

Yeah i too am actually stumped as to why this is not included i have seen so many photo worthy funny crashes and awesome turns that they were silly not to include this feature.

That's what makes GRID such a great racer it isn't solely an arcade racer yet it is no where near a Sim. It lies in between and blends them both together of course having more Arcade included than Sim.

XboxOZ3603820d ago

Perhaps, and I mean, just perhaps the makers of the vehicles did not want people taking pics of the wrecked cars since the damage modeling is exceptionally good, and the rendering in the game is excellent to.

They may have had a caveat included that did not allow any stills . . But then you have the rewind and playback, but no save. Again, it could be related to that as well. Not many manufactures like seeing their cars wrapped around poles or being torn apart. But then Forza 2 has a decent damage modeling, but NOT as good as GRID's on some levels, and better on others.

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