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Mariah Beckman, GIZORAMA - "I don’t own a pool table, and I can’t really say I’m all that good at playing pool. At that, I can’t even say I’m all that good at playing pool for a girl. But two drinks in, before I’m lit enough to dance but not before everything is suddenly funnier by two degrees, I really enjoy pool. When I make my millions, it wouldn’t kill me to have a pool table in my den. Pool is a quiet game of strategy and dignity, and has been affording women the excuse to bend over and arch their backs in public since we quit wearing bustles.

Having established that I play billiard and miniature golf in equal measure, I was pumped to give Pure Pool a shot. I think it’s an underserved genre; we have virtual pinball and virtual slots, but the market isn’t exactly inundated with games a person can only play thanks in part to quarters and whiskey neat. There are a few out there, however, that I’ve played before."

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