Microsoft Exec: Xbox One Sales Were Incredible During Black Friday, Possibly Takes A Shot At PS4

This year's Holiday is pretty important for Microsoft and Xbox One. The console is currently lagging in sales compared to the PlayStation 4, with rumors stating that the PS4 has already sold 15 million consoles compared to 8 million Xbox Ones out there.

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Abash1269d ago

Aaron Greenberg needs to get some class. Considering the PS4 GTAV/The Last of Us Remastered bundle is currently #1 and outselling the Xbox One bundle on Amazon, taking a shot like that with that pic is riskily stupid

aceitman1269d ago

Exactly. And anyone can take a pic of ps4s and say x1 is sold out , there on the other side. Where the hell is x1 sale sign at.

bouzebbal1269d ago

this guy is a disgrace. everytime he writes something it shows how stupid he is.. this is xbox marketing manager. i dont know how he ended up there.

Septic1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Greenberg lol. That guy....
He's like the MS version of Adam Boyes.

Take lessons from Spencer!

Anyway, I've witnessed loads of people buying x1's and ps4's. In fact both my mates just bought an X1 and PS4 each. More people are jumping in!

Eonjay1269d ago

The picture in question is literally a stack of PS4s next to a box of candy.

Aaron has always been dishonest though so this is exactly what you should expect from him.

Dee_911269d ago

Jokes.Learn how to take one.

Magnes1269d ago

On one hand you have Phil Spencer thankfully trying to end the console flame war by congratulating sony on a good year. Then there is this guy pulling out the Flame Thrower. wow...

kickerz1269d ago

Not much of an Aaron fan. But congrats microsoft for those excellent sales

VforVideogames1269d ago

This is what I saw on black Friday at work (walmart): People: 'dam they sold out of xbox one but there's a big pile of ps4s lets just get one and get this over with' so........ I think Microsoft screw up.

SoapShoes1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

@Septic that is an insult to Adam Boyes. He was in one trolling video and that's all really. Greenturd has a history of trolling and bad PR.

This has me thinking they lost to the PS4 on BF. They are always very clear when they win on how well they did but when they aren't winning they twist things so much it's almost false(like the whole we will be shipping 10 million consoles soon). I think whoever had the most stock will have sold more and it seems Sony has a lot of stock.

SpringHeeledJack1269d ago

Microsoft back to their old ways soon as they get a wiff of success. This is why nobody trusts them.

zeuanimals1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

@Septic: Adam Boyes actually does some good though since he urged the PS4 designers to go with 8GB of RAM after having an "epiphany" when told by numerous devs that Sony never listens. He's also the main guy who communicates with 3rd parties and he's doing a pretty swell job at it. The only trolling-ish thing he did was that sharing video during E3, which wasn't really bad since it got MS a ton of bad press which sort of forced them to change the policies.

Aaron Goldberg is on another level with lies, bad PR, and even saying Europe was a country. I don't know what Aaron's real job is but I hope it's something beneficial to us and I hope he's actually good at it because if his only job was being a PR mouthpiece, then he should be out of the job.

xHeavYx1269d ago

Maybe MS will provide sold-to-customer numbers if sales were so great.

u got owned1269d ago

@aceitman and Abash

Since you guys are playing the amazon card, let me leave this link bellow as a fun fact

SpringHeeledJack1269d ago

Wow comparing adam boyes to greenburg is a new low by fanboys. Totally totally different people. First time I have heard a comparison between them.

LonDonE1269d ago Show
aceitman1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

@u got owned-let me break that amazon nov. for u , x1unity no Kinect went from #11 to 2 in one day ps4 gta5 bundle went from now where to number 4 in a day whats that tell u , and x1 last week had 4 in the top 100 (now only 2 x1 models) of nov vs ps4 had 2 now they have 4 . ur link is old here is an up to date link
don't be surprised ps4 passes x1 .
and mind u there is only 1 model of x1 on the top 100 best seller's list and 4 ps4s . so there not only selling gta5 bundle its all 4. compared to one.
and in case u forgot to the x1 bundle has been on sale 1 week before nov. so it got one hell of a start.

miyamoto1269d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

we will wait for official results...

Greenburg is again out of the bushes after a year of silence to wreck havoc...
out and about again to pester us with his grandstanding big mouth

he is proud of his price dropped Xbox one, eh?
why wasn't he proud when it was at full price?

this guy is a huge joke

Phil Spencer should put a leash on him and muffle his mouth with duct tape because for a year now every time Greenburg's PR department open its mouth a PR disaster after the other is sure to ensue.

Greenburg started this PR sales figures mud slinging in the early days of the PS3 and it only added fire to flame word wars over the internet that made fanboys become obsessed about sales figures.

u got owned1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )


You see my link its not old, its for the month as a whole, your link its just for the week of nov 24th. So no PS4 its not at 4th place but nice try. Anyway as you said PS4 have more skus on the best seller list, so think it will be pretty close, hard to tell. We'll have to wait until Dic 9th

Sevir1269d ago

Oh stop getting upset guys. The team at Xbox HAD to do something drastic like severely undercutting the Xbox One's retail price to move units this season. The PS4 has sold with literally minute compelling software and zero price drops.

The xbo has had 3 price adjustments/promotions all year with this fire sale being the last just to get in the game.

They had titan fall bundle at $450 which did nothing... They dropped the price and Kinect to $400 and still nothing... Sony rose the price with the $450 Destiny white PS4 bundle and sold more than 3 times as many Xbox ones in September this year. MS had to launch a 4 bundle temp fire sale on the console at $329 to stay competitive or face it, the Xbox One at $400 would have been dead in the water I'm happy they pulled some strings but this was simply to cash in on the black friday sales promotions. The console goes back to being $400 tomorrow.

They outsold Sony in the US Dec 2013 by 1000 or so units. It'll be nice to see XBO as top selling for a month for Nov since this Fire sale started on Nov 2nd. I'm sure Sony with the gta5, lbp3, and TLOU:R Destiny bundles have performed quite well. We'll know mid early Dec...

But I'll laugh my face off if Sony still ended up selling more units for nov this year than MS.

Mr Pumblechook1269d ago

Greenberg is trying to show that XBOs have sold out and PS4s have not been selling. But the reality is when a retail store have a major product they know sells well then they stock up on it.

Also, if there are XBOs available in the store then he is misrepresenting reality, for a fanboy that's ok, for an executive that behavior is just unprofessional.

Spencer has been able to keep Greenberg on a leash for a while, but he is slipping up. Greenberg represents everything bad about the old XBO business, frat pack immaturity and disrespect for gamers.

Gaming1011269d ago

Yeah this picture of PS4's taken before the store even opened probably. The sales stats show everywhere PS4 outselling the X-bone so this joke of a marketing manager can stop the lame, classless sleight of hand already.

SilentNegotiator1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

I wouldn't be bragging, giving away my system for $70 off, with 2-3 free games, and a $20-30 gift card.

How many millions did you lose, just to (possibly) get higher sales on Black Friday?

I agree that it was probably taken before the store opened; there isn't even a single person in the background.

Unspoken1269d ago Show
Eddie201011268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

@ u got owned

Smugness makes you look stupid.

Did you notice that the PS4 Grand Theft Auto bundle is sold out from Amazon and that the PS4 bundle showing at $499.99 is from a market place seller. In fact it sold out from Amazon after being Number one.

You fanboys don't have a brain cell between you.

Also in the Black Friday photo from Greenturd, where are all the shoppers? Fake BS. from a douche bag.

WeirdShroom1268d ago

Of course anyone can. Exactly like all of the similar pictures Playstation Fanboys have been spreading around and using to troll Xbox for the last year internet wide. This was obviously a joke at the expense of the fanboys. The fact that it riled you up shows which piece of plastic you worship unhealthily.

DarkZane1268d ago


Of course, why wouldn't they put the PS4 next to candies, they actually sell like candies.

radler1268d ago

Regardless of whichever console happened to sell more, the point is that people like Aaron Greenberg should have kicked to the curb when Phil Spencer stepped in to take Xbox in a new direction after the old team had caused so much damage to the brand.

Greenberg embodies everything wrong with the industry today, from the executive level all the way down to the consumer level. He's a miserable fanboy that loves to ignite stupid fanboy wars and doesn't think twice about misleading his "loyal customers" or outright lying to them. He's a sleaze ball and scumbag, and I sincerely hope that he loses his job one day because Microsoft needs someone better in his position.

u got owned1268d ago

@ Eddie20101

None of the things you said make what I posted any less true. So what's your point?

Gamingcapacity1268d ago

For anybody talking about Amazon sales. Check about 9pm tonight GMT time and between 1pm and 4pm in the US. The November and and November 24th bestsellers will have another update will more data from over Black Friday. When it updates it is always a day or 2 behind. We will get a clearer picture then.

sonarus1268d ago

lol this is pretty funny.

XxExacutionerxX1268d ago

I love this sales crap that cones from Sony fanboys mouth. When microsoft beats Sony sales, fanboy will then claim ps4 is selling better in other countries.

sonarus1268d ago

tbh i am happy for the Xbox one if this is true. They have dropped their price twice now in a few months and they stay getting pummelled by the PS4. If for anything else let all the money they are throwing away in these price cuts account for something.

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MaximusPrime_1269d ago

heard that all different PS4 bundles are selling out in UK. haven't heard much about XBONE's

Immorals1269d ago

No shortages on either from what I've seen..

kayoss1269d ago

is it me or are those xbox ones on the right in the picture? It seems that it was cut off but you can still see the green microphone that is very common on xbox boxes.

Hardcore_gamerxbox1269d ago

Proof before talking nonsense ?

SilentNegotiator1269d ago

...wait...the UK has Black Friday? I thought that was strictly the US?

Bladesfist1268d ago


Yep, it was a thing for the first time this year and guess what, people got trampled and did stupid things.

SilentNegotiator1268d ago

Well that's a shame; things were pretty calm this year in the US (not that there were ZERO incidents). Between online sales, store sales being spread out over two days or longer, stores having ticket systems, etc, it seemed like Black Friday was on its way to being perfected.

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FITgamer1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Did you forget last-gen already? Nothing new, i bet he's been chomping at the bit to make an a** of himself.

shloobmm31269d ago

It is today but as of Thursday night and yesterday morning the ac unity bundle was number 1

TFJWM1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

When I checked thursday night at 10pm it was not #1 the PS4 GTA5/TLoU was Xbox1 might had it again alittle while in the morning but it wasn't by the afternoon

Right now Xbox1 systems are #3(ACU). #153(ACU+k) #344(CoD), #387(solo), #657(solo+k), #918(SSO), #4678(Madden)

PS4 systems are #1(gta5), #36(lb3), #50(destiny), #84(solo), #1286(TLoU)

XBLSkull1269d ago Show
zeuanimals1269d ago


Speaks volumes about the XBO's games when the best selling bundles are with a broken game... And it's a multiplat too, Right? Oh, wait, no it doesn't and neither does this speak "volumes" about the PS4's games.

Also, there's only one exclusive bundle from each company, everything else is a multiplat. So I really don't understand how you got to that conclusion...

Dewitt1269d ago ShowReplies(4)
showtimefolks1269d ago

This is why Xbox brand is looked at as badly, this guy is a moron. Phil spencer is the only one doing the talking, it took Xbox one long enough to build some momentum and now stuff like this can kill a lot of it

When ps4 has 7 plus million in lead that will take forever to catch up Greenberg. Xbox360 had a lead like that and it took Sony forever to catch it. And that took some of the best exclusives on PS3.

So please stop taking

k3rn3ll1269d ago

I'm sorry but stuff like this doesn't kill momentum. How many people that are on the fence about which one to get have seen this picture. Then factor in how many of those people are going to let this picture decide which console they get. Very few

GameLover561269d ago

Where the link ?? exactly none available just fanboy talk over and over here -1

Magicite1269d ago

PS4 dominated BF at all major retailers.

n4rc1269d ago

Love how you have so many agrees with a completely bullshit made up statement..

Kinda says it all around here tho

Bobby Kotex1269d ago

Sony fanboys need to get some class. I'm saying this as a PS4 owner.

StarElite1269d ago

Every fanboy needs to get some class

kevnb1269d ago

what do you think the point of this website is?

Gaming247allday1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

And Sony bashing Xbox all last year is ok though right? lol

Sony bashes Xbox all the time, Andrew House is always running his mouth, Sony always talks up sales with the PS4, Xbox does it once and they are crucified, what a joke

if your going to have double standards, please don't make it so obvious because it makes you look like a hypocrite

SoapShoes1269d ago

All year? They trolled them at E3 2013 and on YT right after but when have they bashed them at all this year?

True_Samurai1269d ago

They attempted to take numerous shots at ms this e3 which was quite cringe worthy if I may add

its_JEFF1269d ago

well.. TBH Xbox took shots at playstation all last gen, so 7/8 yrs versus 1 year? how about stop crying? When their doing the bullying it seems to be okay, once the tables are turned... it's not cool anymore.

thewhiteelephant1269d ago

No one has done ANY bashing other than the fanboys of both sides. Its getting pathetic next time someone feels the need to troll how about put your head in a bathtub full of water and keep it there until you stop breathing.....this is a message for all fanboys

SonyAddict1269d ago

Xbox deserves a bashing!.

noctis_lumia1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

because microsoft didnt last gen with the 360 right ?

dude just shut up

MrBeatdown1268d ago


Numerous shots?

Such as?

kenshiro1001268d ago

Let's see...

1. Bad launch
2. Mentioning DRM, which killed the hype for their system
3. Constantly making a mockery of themselves

Microsoft deserves the *bashing* they're getting for the XB1.

Where were you guys when the PS3 was getting attacked from since it was launched?


So it's perfectly okay to bash Sony and a PlayStation console but when it comes to Microsoft 'oh no, don't you dare bash them!'?


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JDM720921269d ago

I did see a lot of PS4 bundles at Target on Black Friday. The bin of controllers, however, had two PS4 controllers and dozens of Xbox one controllers.

aceitman1269d ago

I'm sorry but Aaron set his self up with this one. So Aaron is that the space where the X1s were placed cause it looks mighty small.

1269d ago
RAWSTA1269d ago

Learn how to read! Per**** employee!!!!

geddesmond1269d ago

Lol as Abash said Amazon number 1 along with other bundles in the top 100 ahead of X1 Bundles. Instead of showing a palate of PS4s why didn't he show the empty palate of X1s lol . Greenberg be careful that you don't make a fool of yourself like you always do. If numbers come out and PS4 sold more than X1 you will look very stupid.

Also a newly announced game usually arrives 6 months to 1 year after announcement. How long while gamers have to wait for these great things to come you announced. I love how he answered a fans question about games for early 2015 and all he could do was announce multiplats LMAO

aceitman1269d ago

^^^^thank you.^^^^^ someone said it.

turdburgler10801269d ago

All the butthurt people in here are glossing over the fact he is in "MARKETING!" Just by posting that pick he got folks talking about consoles. You can say all you want about what it was intended for but the fact remains...your all here commenting and talking about consoles.

geddesmond1268d ago

Lol its a gaming news website. All everyone here does is talk about games and consoles.

n4rc1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Can we stop using ONE online (and likely one countries) retailer as proof of anything..

Getting tired of people using amazon charts or vgcharts as sales data.. Its not

But to those bitching like children about shots fired.. Maybe read this tweet/reply

Hardcore_gamerxbox1269d ago

Sony fan boys been using Amazon as only website selling console around the world not other websites they think Amazon only sells console I never buy anything from Amazon they are crapp

u4one1269d ago

amazon is simply a fraction of total sales and should never be used as a metric. top seller lists on amazon tell you whats selling in your particular region of amazon sales... thats not a huge number in the grand scheme of total sales. i mean - if that were the case, we wouldn't need marketing services like npd - data companies spend HUGE money on. they could just go to amazon. come on man. :)