The Legend Of Zelda Recreated In LittleBigPlanet

Lou Wendland redesigned the Survival Forest level of The Legend Of Zelda on LittleBigPlanet. Impressively, both the visual and the audio aspects have been included in the re-creation to truly capture the essence of a top-down Legend Of Zelda title.

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Kamikaze1351395d ago

Wow...that's pretty amazing.

bmf73641395d ago

Community-driven games like this are what make the titles so great. LBP, Minecraft, Gmod, Skyrim, the reason why they're so commercially accepted is because it's the people who enjoy playing it that also supply the content to further push the game they love so that others can enjoy

FriedGoat1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

I wish I finished my outrun project.
I made this in 2
I think i'll give it another go in 3, Probrably don't have to use holograms anymore!

Azzanation1394d ago

LBP was also recreated in Project Spark

mike_honcho1393d ago

seen it before.. that's a single player off shoot that only resembles lbp in its likeness, and it barely does that.. and very cheap one at best.. trolling aside, just because you can create something that "kinda" looks like a sackboy on a basic 2d landscape with minimal elements in the level doesn't mean you can "create" lbp on project spark.. don't get me wrong project spark has great looking content and tools but let's be realistic, your not gonna create lbp on it.. anyways only about 1/3 of any lbp game is story mode.. so again, back to reality..

Fullmetalevolust1395d ago

I can't wait to see what other games of my childhood they will recreate with LB3.

-Foxtrot1395d ago

How the hell has this game got lower scores then the others, the things people can make now are amazing.

dragonyght1395d ago

it was mostly was review as a singleplayer game not for its user created content potential

Jughead34161395d ago

Exactly. This game is way beyond LBP2's capabilities. But lower overall scores? C'mon.

-Foxtrot1395d ago

Especially when COD, Battlefield, Assassins Creed, Mario etc which come out regularly get awesome scores each time

This is only it's third MAIN game

Hell even the PSV game got better overall scores, something isn't right.

SmielmaN1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

If you don't drop free games/swag/money on major review sites then they punish the games so you do it next time. This is he vita version but the reg reviews still seemed low for LBP3. As always, play the games yourself and don't rely on some text on your phone to tell you what you'll like. :). Just ordered a plush edition off as they were sold out on A little more but the wife and I like these games a lot and my boy will dig the little sack boy toy.

It's really awesome what guys can do with the level creator. It has never been my thing as I don't have the time but I definitely appreciate what others can do. Even MM does as I think they hired a person or two from what they saw them crest with the first (or second?) LBP

Neixus1395d ago

Actually, this is the LBP:Vita version, but your point still stands though, completely agree.

All_Consoles1395d ago

This is lbp vita, you didn't even read the article...

IIFloodyII1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

The biggest criticism I saw for LBP3 (this is the Vita Version), was that it is/was very buggy, besides that most reviews I read were positive.

G20WLY1395d ago

^It was created in the Vita version, which is far more limited than LBP3.

It could be done - and better - in LBP3. This just makes it even more impressive.

360ICE1395d ago

I would imagine it has something to do with the game being buggy. I'm surprised so few reviewers have mentioned the loading problems that occur in create mode or how the game freezes for a short second every time you open the popit menu.

Other than that, you're kind of arguing against yourself. This was made in LBP: Vita. So it goes to show how much you could already make on Vita and in LBP2. LBP3's creation mode generally adds new characters, more layers and enables the possibility to switch between certain tools.

I do, however, hope people can make even more things in LBP3, and I thought it was a fantastic game, except for a few probably solvable problems.

maniacmayhem1394d ago

The Vita version got lower scores than what?

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Jughead34161395d ago

I like to consider myself pretty darn good at creating levels in LBP. But I must say, I have no idea how this creator did this. Especially with the retro looking graphics. Great work whoever you are.

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