CVG Being Shutdown By Publisher Future | FFXIII 60fps

It seems the website know as CVG (Computer and Video Games) is actually getting shutdown but will be adopted into "Future: Media With Passion". CVG (Computer And Video Games) is focused on PC gamers and PC news it's very sad to see CVG go. I doubt the fanbase will go to a new site that isn't pro PC. Enjoy the 1080p 60fps (Sixty Frames Per Second) PC gameplay of Final Fantasy XIII (FF13).

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Horseheadinthebed1330d ago

I remember buying CVG magazine back in the eighties, a sad day for gamers

G20WLY1330d ago

CVG magazine was great back in the day, but the website was pretty shabby in my opinion. All the fun was gone and they started going the 'divisive opinions = hits' route and I lost all interest.

I won't really miss the CVG brand, because it's long gone in my eyes.

Sad for any guys that may need new jobs, but hopefully they've been given enough notice. Maybe it will be replaced with something better and they'll keep the cream of the team, who knows?

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scark921330d ago

Wait, so its really just changing name and perspective?

DeadlyFire1330d ago

So basically CVG is expanding to be more like IGN and cover not just computer and video games? Possibly converging all into one site. If its to be called Gamesradar I will be disappointed.

Drithe1330d ago

The Console Master Race has spoken. CVG dies because we say so. The PC Race is no more! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

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