5 Worst Games On PS4 Till Now

Last year Sony’s next-gen console the PS4 made its way to the gaming market and with its release the gaming community saw a surge in gaming development and releases, many new titles emerged some made and impact while rest were deemed just bad.

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DigitalRaptor1396d ago

Knack isn't a bad game.

Visually next-gen, but not in terms of gameplay. I don't see how it can be knocked for this and be called a bad game, when certain 8-bit indie games this gen have been well-rated. I guess Knack was just too high-profile and was always going to be a victim of the hate for not re-inventing the wheel.

teflontactics1396d ago

Driveclub isn't a bad game either.

It was feature-incomplete at launch due to the online additions being broken, but even as an offline racing sim it's fantastic.

uth111396d ago

Knack and Driveclub don't belong here. Yet there are games which do that are ignored. What about Putty Squad?