3 Things That Have Annoyed Me As A PlayStation 4 Owner

IM PLAYIN's Kailios discusses his PS4 and a few of the things that have annoyed him thus far about the console.

"When an update has to come out because the previous update itself caused issues, y you know you’ve done a slight boo boo. Now I love the features that came with 2.0, and it has added some additional depth to what can be done, but it’s frustrating as to why these things have not been tested before going live. Especially when said updates have been in the pipeline for some time. And to also cause issues on the start up from rest mode was also another problem to add on. Also as it might of given away in the above paragraph, the fact that the 2.0 update meant that I missed out on the Evolve Alpha has definitely pushed a few buttons!"

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Ripsta7th1205d ago

The only thing i wish Sony did was greatly improve the online network, as of now its good but we all know it could be better. All those maintanace downtimes really get tiring

VforVideogames1205d ago

The other thing that annoyance me is that the controller needs to be plugged most of the time.

The_KELRaTH1205d ago

Hardly worth calling cordless now!!

Kurisu1205d ago

The battery life is pretty poor compared to the DualShock 3. It's a shame because the overall feel and design is much more comfortable than previous PlayStation controllers. I bought a second controller when I got mine, so when one is charging I'll just use the other one.

joab7771205d ago

I have 2 and never have an issue.

My only problem is lack of streaming from my pc.

I know updates almost always need a further update. I'm not gonna bitch about updates.

Driveclub was a failure and it's too bad. But I didn't love the idea anyway.

Everything else seems pretty damn great!

ramiuk11205d ago

get the higher capacity batterysand its 4 screws. job done for under £6

KwietStorm1205d ago

lol most of the time? Plug it in when you're not playing. "Problem" solved. Yea the battery life isn't great, but all these people complaining about it aren't trying to do anything about it either.

redwin1205d ago

Sony players did not miss much with the Evolve Alpha. I played it in the box, not a biggie

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ReturnToSanity1205d ago

"it's good"? Please elaborate. Because it's a mess.

f50liv_imposter11205d ago

there will be nothing wrong with psn anymore from now on

GdaTyler1205d ago

I only wish I could afford a PS4. It sucks when friends are enjoying it and I'm left out. T_T

MEGANE1205d ago

Message system is broken! is driving me crazy

CoTton_MoUtH1205d ago

What grind my gears is when I'm in the middle of a online game and the game crashes and that damn error code CE-34878-0 pops up.

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The story is too old to be commented.