Thunderbolt reviews Alone In The Dark (PS2)

The Alone in the Dark series began life on PCs in 1992, and is widely credited with all but creating the 'survival horror' genre. However, over the years the market has not been kind to AitD, with the series never gaining the commercial success or critical acclaim the likes of Resident Evil or Silent Hill have enjoyed. After a failed attempt to revive the series with 2001 effort Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare, the series whimpered out and more or less disappeared from gaming's collective conscience.

That is until Eden Studios – developers of V-Rally, and more recently ambitious-but-flawed racing game Test Drive Unlimited – decided to reinvent the franchise for the discerning and demanding 2008 gamer. While the game has obviously been designed for the Xbox 360 and ported to other platforms as development has progressed, it is unclear whether the numerous flaws, irritating controls and poor design decisions which plague the PS2 version are the fault of Eden, or Hydravision, who handled this port.

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SL1M DADDY3816d ago

Too bad too, it could have been a great game IMHO if they were to have fixed some of the camera issues, clumsy controls and the item menu... They could have at least had the game pause while selecting an item. I know it's not as realistic but then again, neither is the game...