Grand Theft Auto V Next Gen Sells 3M Units Worldwide First Week - PS4, Xbox One

VGChartz Writes: "Grand Theft Auto V hit the next generation consoles last week more than a year after the game initially released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game in its first week for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sold a combined 3,093,320.

The PlayStation 4 version of Grand Theft Auto V accounted for about two-thirds of the sales. It sold 2,189,34 units for the PlayStation 4, while the Xbox One version sold 903,978.

Looking at the older versions of the game, it has sold 18.87 million units for the PlayStation 3 and 14.49 million units for the Xbox 360. When you combine those two versions it has sold 3.34 million units. When you add in the launch sales for the PS4 and Xbox One versions that brings the combined sales up to 36.46 million units."

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vishmarx1540d ago

a new gen port possibly outdoing two big new AAA games

LOGICWINS1540d ago

Thats not surprising. People would rather spend money on something they KNOW will be good rather than to take a gamble.

Thatguy-3101540d ago

Exactly! Especially seeing how these recent games have turned out to be.

Septic1540d ago

Almost everyone that I know bought this last gen has bought the next generation version too, including myself. It's worth it.

thelwebb1001540d ago

Lazy excuse. You guys bought next gen systems to play a last gen title lol. If I'm going to be spending 60 dollars, you can bet it's be different than remasters.

spacedelete1538d ago

agreed. next fen has been so mediocre that even i bought the remaster even though i bought it last gen. so many trashy games that gamers wanted a game that was good. also its the first good next gen open world game. Watchdogs left people wanting GTA more.

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Rickgrimes951540d ago

I will support rockstar with every game they create. They consistently make amazing games and other then naughty dog they are the best in the industry in my opinion

jjonez181540d ago

Dat GTA thirst on new gen is serious.

nowitzki20041540d ago

Best $60 Patch I have ever bought.

showtimefolks1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )


You make it sound like RS added nothing and its a straight up port, seriously a lot of work went into this.

Also R* enticed a lot of people by offering content to those returning from last gen versions.


I think the reason it sold so well and could quite possibly sell 8-10 million on pc,Xbox one and ps4 is because a lot of people had sold their consoles by the time GTA5 came out on last gen consoles. Than many more wanted to wait to play it on next gen or pc. So by that logic GTA5 is kind of a big deal even as a port

Also it's not broken like AC:Unity
It's not broken like last years BF4

Next gen games have been so average, I feel like real next gen will start with a bang come early 2015 with WITCHER 3, the order 1886, bloodborne etc,

GTA5 sold 32 million plus on last gen I think and could easily move 10 plus million on next gen and pc. So huge success for GTA5. Meaning GTA6 will have even a bigger
budget(yes surpassing 256 million budget for GTA5)

Now I want RDR
New bully game
Midnight club
Next entry into Mafia series
New borderlands for next gen

Take Two have so many great IP's it's no telling where they may go next

Also housher bros are geniuses of R*

CD red project

Some of the best development studios. Budgie should be on this list but not after destiny and UBI could be on this list as a great publishers but not after the same old same old AC games and with this years game being unfinished. Also farcry4 being the carbon copy of farcry3

It's seems like UBI is so much more abou bottom line profit than actual art of game development.

StrawberryDiesel4201540d ago

Have you played it on PS4? It's stunning. That bundle with GTA 5 and Last of Us is a no brainer if one is looking to upgrade to next gen in my opinion.

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madmonkey011540d ago

shows it pays off actually spending time to make a good game, instead of releasing a new version each year.

Rickgrimes951540d ago

Next up red dead redemption 2!:)

Immorals1540d ago

I'd love to see how many of those sales were people who had bought it previous gen. I know I didn't hesitate

LOGICWINS1540d ago

I'll be buying it today. Had no idea about the exclusive content for returning players until yesterday. That put me over the fence!

Immorals1540d ago

Yeah that was a big selling point for me. My 360 now lives at a friends and I had gta cravings. Trying to juggle gta, mcc and now shadow of mordor is proving difficult..

madmonkey011540d ago

i deliberate avoided it on ps3 knowing it would be on ps4 eventually

xPhearR3dx1540d ago

My cousin along with myself bought the Collectors Edition on PS3. We both bought the PS4 version, and we both are also getting the PC version.

The only other game I have purchased 3 times was Skyrim. Collectors Edition on 360, PC version via Steam, and PC version within The Elder Scrolls Anthology.

The developers will continue to get my money over and over while putting out games like this.

Vandamme211540d ago

If rock star is planning grand theft auto 6...they should also be planning grand theft auto 7...I mean with the huge money they made from this game...this game made them 2 billion dollars...that's a lot of money.

jukins1540d ago

Yea but part of what made gta5 such a success is that there was a 5 or 6 year wait in between. Hopefully they do the same again or we might start getting gta on an anannual or biannual schedule.

Gran Touring1540d ago

I doubt R* would do an annual release of GTA. They may put out a single game a year (RDR, Max payne, etc) , but they've remained pretty traditional when it comes to releasing their sequels after a couple of years, when they're good and ready.

MasterCornholio1540d ago

I'm playing the game for the very first time and I must say that its excellent. One of the best games that I've played this year. Which is why I'm not surprised that its selling so well.

I'm happy for Rock star because they did a fantastic job with the remaster and deserve every sale due to that.

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