Walmart Cyber Monday 2014 Week Live With PS4 Bundles, Wii U and Xbox One Consoles

Techtorial: Walmart's Cyber Monday 2014 deals for the week is now live for gamers.

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OUROSMAG1325d ago

Damn 509 for 2 games 2 controllers and the camera??

TomShoe1325d ago

These deals suck. Better pick up a BF Bundle while you can, prices are going back up.

PS4 BF Bundle + Controller = $440

NotAfanBoyy1325d ago

prices are going back up...that ps4 tlou gtav $350 bundle was nice - maybe lasted 5min tho :(

bondsmx1325d ago

Warning!!! Be careful with this guys, I saw the link saying the deal was live last Sunday. So I picked up the lego batman 3, lbp 3 ps4 bundle, that came with an extra choice game and a controller for $449. Well, wal marts systems aren't ready for the deal yet, since it's actually a cyber Monday deal. So, I get my receipt saying I'm getting my choice game, I picked Disney infinity, (the whole bundle is a Christmas gift for my 5 yr old) and my controller.. Each cost $224.50, and that's all I received. Was a controller and my choice game. I called wal mart 4 times, over hour long conversation with customer service. Their system shows I'm only supposed to get a controller and 1 choice game, their system shows nothing about a ps4 bundle. As of right now I'm getting screwed real bad. They are supposed to send me an email next week. All because I followed this websites link saying the deal was live. Basically, I paid $500 after tax for 1 game and a controller as of right now. So be careful. Personally, I'd wait until Monday if you plan on getting a bundle from wal Mart when the deals are actually live. Hoping I don't get screwed on this, wal mart is a huge company, hope they fix this for me.

traumadisaster1325d ago

Why are you buying a 5 year old a ps4? Play anything outside with him or work on his reading...pick up a wii for less than $100 if you have to feed him video games.

These young years will be the only time ever his little eyes won't be straining and staring at a screen. Don't worry his friends will get him into games soon enough.

bondsmx1325d ago

My son is a straight A student, with lots of friends, who plays football in a league, and races bmx. We both enjoy video games, so why not? We play together, we bond, we enjoy it. I'm getting him 3 great games for a kid his age, ( lbp, lego batman and Disney infinity). Why rain on someone else parade?

I just had a parent/teacher conference a few weeks ago, and his teacher was amazed that he was at the top of every subject in his class, but didn't go to preK. I seriously think it's partially due to the fact we've played games together for years. (I also have worked with him, since he was able to comprehend).

But, anyways.. To each his own.

bondsmx1325d ago

Also, I figure.. A ps4 is something he'll use for another 5/7 years... So, why not pick it up now while I'm very financially secure.. In today's day and age, who knows how well off I'll be 2/7 years from today.

GokuSolosAll1325d ago

^ I hate people like you. There no more merit to reading a book than playing a video game. These types of ignorant opinions are holding back gaming as a whole. Get out of the way, let people parent as they see fit, and go read a book in the corner yourself.

Besides, it isn't like you know for a fact that he is going to let his kid veg out on PS4 all day. Maybe he will allow an hour of gaming per day. Gaming can be a hobby as part of a normal life. He can still read and play outside, man.

Plus, why would a cheap and crappy Wii be better? Maybe everyone can use the PS4. You make no sense.

traumadisaster1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Good, the dad has it together. I didn't say it like you but we were both hoping that the dad wouldn't let him, as you say, veg out in front of it all day.

As far as reading, he is FIVE! He is learning to read so a book is appropriate, it's for learning not call of duty.

As for the wii, he addressed the financial issue to a wii is much cheaper and has hundreds of cheaper games. Also experiencing all of last gen for a 5 yo before moving up to ps4 might be fun.

As far as your hate, I did not get ugly with him, I asked why. He gave me response, end of story. So hate seems a lil strong. I did pm him and apologize btw.

PurpHerbison1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

What in the hell is wrong with the PS4 and its messaging system? Constantly getting stuck at 97% when trying to send my friends a message. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.