Why Xbox Will Stay In Japan Despite Horrible Sales

Despite significant effort in Japan including critically acclaimed exclusives the Xbox One sales are horrible, so why does Microsoft stay in the land of it's two biggest rivals?

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DigitalRaptor1145d ago

It's because they will still have some Japanese content for gamers, and leaving would not only defeat the purpose of this, but would not provide a lot of hope to the fans who are supposed to be buying their products.

They stay to save face, and make the most of what they've got.

yuukiliu1144d ago

Some game stores don't even have an Xbox section. I had to go to Akiba and go to the 2 biggest game stores there to find Xbox content, and even then the Xbox sections were small. Not surprising they sell under 1,000 units per week.

maxxco1144d ago

Maybe they should compete on price, all them consoles sitting in a back room doesn't help. Is the hardware they exact same? Just a localized OS?

voodoogts1144d ago

Japan is to bust buying Microsoft software license getting Microsoft very rich!

Spotie1144d ago

Because they have to, frankly. They shouldn't stay, but they can't leave.

Playdor1142d ago

It deserves the sales. Good piece of kit.