8 Best Xbox One Games In First Year

Xbox one is an amazing console, packed with all the media functionality one could ever need, and hundreds of games to boot. The Xbox One is still young so its library is only a fraction of the size of Xbox 360's. If you are still deciding between buying a PS4 or Xbox One, the question stands: what games should you play if you have an Xbox One.

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hammad4121393d ago

Good list.... Including my favorite games shadow of mordor and assassin Creed bf

jamal10001393d ago

I don't think Destiny should be the thumbnail due to the lack of quality

livedeht1393d ago

@jamal, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen anyone type !, you may have not liked it or thought it had too little content but a lack of quality it does NOT have ! Lol

ReturnToSanity1393d ago

Can someone please post the list? The site keeps throwing me ad after ad and I'm using my phone.

pickmyfix1392d ago

Its...GTA v
Froza horizan
Sunset overdrive
Halo. Master chief
Assassin creed..BF
Tombrader and shadow of mordor

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