Jolt UK Review: Ticket to Ride (X360)

Jolt reports:

''Having 'enhanced' arcade classics showing up on Xbox Live every week like it was some kind of retirement home is all well and good, but what I've found Arcade particularly useful for are the social card and board games that pop up from time to time. Uno is about the most famous of these, and while licensed versions of Scrabble and Monopoly would be particularly welcome, the small collection of lesser-known board games is not unwelcome.

Of those we've had Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne, both of which went down pretty well, and the rather disappointing Lost Cities, which had neither the strategic nor social aspects to make it a keeper. The latest game to fall into this camp is Ticket to Ride – cue an Apple Records lawsuit – which retains an air of familiarity with its mixture of card collecting and board strategy. It may help to think of this as a bit like Catan, but without the trading and resource management. It may also help to think of it is not quite as good as Catan (but a little better than Carcassone).''

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