Next Week’s Releases and Cheapest Prices – Join Sora, Donald and Goofy’s Crew

Dealspwn writes: After weeks and weeks of packed release schedules it’s a slight reprieve for our wallets this week with just a couple of games hitting the shops. One of them you should buy immediately, the other should be left until you’ve read some reviews.

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Abash1332d ago

I am ready to experience Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix. Two masterpieces in a collection that is going to give me hundreds of hours of play

Snookies121331d ago

My friend and I are racing to see who can get the platinum first, lol. Going up first thing in the morning to pick up my copy. Gonna be locked up in my room all day on the 2nd.

Can't wait to see Birth By Sleep in HD. That'll be a real treat. Plus with a second stick for camera control!

Paprika1332d ago

Need to repair my ps3 for kingdom hearts. In a month of epic ps4 games... kh2 still tops my wanted list

belac091331d ago

me too, my hd port isnt working. i never play it anymore, im gonna fix it though, just to get this. i wish ps4 would play ps3 discs. or at least put ps3 games digitally available.