Masterpieces #35: Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII still impresses more than ten years after its release.

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kalkano1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

I love this game. The amount of hate it gets, and the number of people who failed to understand the story (you heard me) is mindboggling.

"Following the phenomenally successful Final Fantasy VII, Squaresoft faced the unenviable task of producing a worthy follow-up and in Final Fantasy VIII they created not an equal but a superior game."

I have to disagree with that. I still think 7 is better.

"This requires the user to allocate or junction a god (known as GFs)"

GFs are not gods...

"In my opinion, this narrowly pips the brilliant Final Fantasy X as the finest in the series so far."

8 is a great game. But for me:

1) 10
2) 7
3) 6
4) 8
5) 9