Dark Souls II Is Coming to Current-Gen: Is It Worth Replaying?

The Scholar of the First Sin Dark Souls II compilation is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PCs with updated graphics and features. Kevin VanOrd, GameSpot's biggest Dark Souls fan, considers a return to Drangleic.

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TardcoreGamer1325d ago

I'm kinda let down bc I just purchased DS2 a couple weeks ago. Hope Steam offers a cheap upgrade option like they did with Sleeping Dogs

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1325d ago

Dunno... it's kinda weird seeing as how it comes out a month after Bloodborne, but if for some reason you skipped the souls games last gen I guess this is a good excuse to jump in.

Forn1325d ago

Not imo. But to each their own.

Zero-One1325d ago

Would you stop with this "is it worth replaying" bullshit! YES, it is. If RE4 or Zelda games, or GTA 5 can be enjoyed on other consoles, then why not?

Spotie1325d ago

That's not even the main point. The real thing is: it's for people who upgraded and didn't play it last gen. For those people- like me- it's not replaying at all.

Dunno why this question keeps getting asked as if the main point is to grab repeat buyers, rather than newcomers.

Psychotica1324d ago

If it wasn't on PC already I would buy it for my PS4, great game..