Scarecrow Is Batman Arkham Knight's Main Villain; Combat Will "Look&Feel" Awesome

Apparently, Scarecrow is the main villain in Batman Arkham Knight, and Rocksteady promises awesome combat and big fights in the game.

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Imp0ssibl31354d ago

I got big hopes for this one, with the delay I'm expecting nothing short of a masterpiece.

Ezz20131354d ago

Scarecrow will fall
I'm the Night, I AM VENGENCE, I'm BADMAN

Ezz20131353d ago

Lol that's not my avatar
that's the guy doing Badman Which joke about batman movies on youtube

AtariFanboy1354d ago

Spoiler Alert:
Scarecrow takes off his mask and it's the Joker

FullmetalRoyale1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Scarecrow, standing in front of Batman, takes off his mask to reveal he is Arkham Knight. And then takes off his mask to reveal he is Batman. The other Batman then takes off his cowl to reveal he is Joker, who then rubs off his makeup to reveal he is Black Mask.

Vandamme211354d ago

The arkham knight is the main villain...since the game is name batman arkham knight.

Alexious1353d ago

Guess you know better than the developers.

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