What Do Gamers Want From Franchises?

Johnny writes -"Yearly updates and releases to franchises like Call Of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, and others, are not going to deliver you a completely new experience, why?, because if they did we would just complain about them ruining it and result in us gamers saying we will never play it again. You buy these year after year because you like the game, you like the franchise, millions of us by these every year, so why change something that works? The best you can hope for in these yearly updates to our favourite games are slight tweaks, a new story and characters, some new weapons and abilities, and maybe some new online modes. If you are looking for something else then go buy a different game, you know how Call Of Duty plays, you know how Assassin’s Creed plays and if you didn’t like it last year you won’t like it this year. "

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kalkano1392d ago

I don't play the "yearly games", but I think Final Fantasy is a perfect example.

Good change (tweaks):

Final Fantasy 1-10

Bad change (turning into something completely different):

Final Fantasy 11-15 (13 is closer than the others)