Valve Hacker Caught by Dutch Police

A man who hacked into a Valve file server and stole the credit card numbers of Steam Cyber Cafe users was caught by police in the Dutch town of Maastricht this Tuesday.

According to the Dutch Ministry of the Interior, the 20 year old hacker had managed to "burn 13 million Euros playing poker online and shopping for notebooks, flat screens and MP3 players" before being caught.

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Jim Crowslaw3550d ago

damn Dutch police, let the guy live a lil would ya?

Ninja-Sama3550d ago

your money that was stolen I doubt you'd be as considerate.

pwnsause3550d ago

"13 million Euros" HOLY S**T!!!!

acertainkid1023550d ago

And 50,000 credit card numbers!!

BlaST_ProCesSiNG-3550d ago

Wish I had that kind of skill.

JeepGamer3550d ago

How can you be smart enough to hack in to a secure server and dumb enough to be so blatantly obvious that you get caught that easily?