Warframe Dev Doesn't Think PS4 And Xbox One GPU Will Become Outdated

Digital Extremes senior programmer talks optimization and the benefits of a static architecture.

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Foehammer1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Good to know ones investment will last a long time.

It's impressive to see the last gen consoles now in their 9th and 10th years as well. That's a long time.

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blakstarz1392d ago

I believe if optimized and utilized correctly it won't. Look at what has and still can be done with the old gen consoles, games are still being produced.
Sony stated that their consoles have a 10 year life span and they seem to have proven that with PS2 and even PS3 still going strong.

MRHARDON1392d ago

The old gen games look like sh*t and so will the "next gen" console games in a few years.

livedeht1392d ago

How any game looks is relative to your perspective...I for one have been satisfied with console graphics since dreamcast, I am more interested in new gameplay experiences. However HD has been nice 8P

iNFAMOUZ11392d ago

of course it will become outdated lol

Agent_hitman1392d ago

Good thing about Console GPU is that the devs will able to squeeze and produce the most out of it with every updated tools that they have, especially the API and the Engines.

That's where the console systems stand out.

Kivespussi1392d ago

There's only so much that optimization can do. The games will look better 3 years later but it won't match the PC standards at the moment.

The real question should be that does it matter? Consoles aren't aiming to be powerful. They're affordable little machines for the casual market that can play the latest games with decent graphics. Even the games like TLOU and GTA V on last gen consoles look pretty bad by the PC standards. Didn't stop them from being among the best games of the last few years. So just play the games people. There's still millions of people playing on last gen consoles and still enjoying the games.

Enate1392d ago

Consoles for sure have their fair share of casual gamers but most of the people I play with are anything but casual. An I for one was actually impressed with how good both the games you mentioned looked on last gen consoles at the end of a cycle. The thing about PC standards is there are none which is why 1080p just barely became the top resolution like 2 years ago on steam.

Even as someone who readily fixes computers as a side job an works in I.T. for my day job. Computers can be such a hassle to deal with in so many ways. For instance I'm dealing with a bug from 4 driver updates back from nvidia that is still giving me issues. An the solution that might and I stress might get rid of it requires me to jump through so many hoops an still not be on the latest driver set.

An I would never argue that with the right specs any game looks better on PC that's a given. For me though one of the things I hear about a lot from PC gamers is community. For me PSN's community an the cohesive nature of consoles is why I tend to prefer to play there. With things like Origin an EA segregating their library creates yet another program an friends list I have to populate with new people and new problems. I have everything though PS4's, X1, WiiU, and 3 PC's but when it comes to most triple A titles with a few exceptions PS4 gets the most game time hands down. Second would probably be my PC since I love RTS and TBS games.

Kivespussi1392d ago

Different people prioritize different things. There's a lot of non-casual gamers on console too but it's more casual as in I doubt the casual market is large on PC because of the hassle.

I'm not going to say anything about the standards of PC games... I think majority plays at higher framerates and graphics than current gen consoles but I'm not 100% sure. So I'll leave that to that.

And the PCs can be a huge pain in the ass. Once I spent hours trying to fix a problem with my drivers. But like I said, different people prioritize different things and which is why there's no 'best' platform. Some people want the simpleness of console, some unfortunate ones like me are ready to see extra effort for better performance, mods and whatever else PC has going for it. Nothing wrong with either option.

The community though... As wonderful and as toxic on both platforms. I mostly have fun with people I play but the occasional assholes exist everywhere.

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