The Nintendo difference: Wii U's first two years

It's struggled in the marketplace, but Nintendo's console has remembered something its competition seemingly forgot.

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superchiller1330d ago

Sadly the Wii U will never be worth picking up. The gamepad gimmick is more of an annoyance than a benefit, it distracts from gaming rather than improving it. And the base console had to be heavily scaled back to accommodate the high cost of the gamepad, making the console unable to compete in this generation. The Wii U is really more of a last gen console, just like the Wii was before it. What a shame.

CaptainN1330d ago

That is a very ignorant comment to make. I bet you dont even own one, because if you did you would realize how amazing it is to be able to play games without a well as surf the web or watch movies with Netflix while laying in bed.

Miiverse is an amazing community, the online may not be up to standards compared to the other consoles....but its free and lets be realistic this years top games were on Wii-U. Its not about horsepower or amount of games...its about quality titles. Mario Kart 8,Bayonetta 2 & Smash Bros all showed that this year !

Knushwood Butt1330d ago

'if you did you would realize how amazing it is to be able to play games without a well as surf the web or watch movies with Netflix while laying in bed. '.

lol. I can do that on my tablet, and Vita, and probably several other devices that happen to be lying around.

madjedi1329d ago

Seriously nintendo fans need to drop the it has free online routine for pc it's a massive bonus point. The wii u doesn't remotely have near the number of online games that pc, ps4 or xb1 has.

Laying in bed while surfing the web or watching netflix tablets say hello, who cares if miiverse has an amazing community.

I don't browse gamefaqs and others sites to stare at amateur drawings, i go to get information.

Lets be realistic here the top games are subjective to the individual, so stop presenting opinions as facts just because you love nintendo so much.

Quality is subjective to the individual, i don't like racing or fighting games and i wasn't particularly wowed by bayonetta last gen. So those could be the pinnacle of gaming perfection and still not matter to me.

Not everyone is going to love all of nintendos franchises, beyond mario, zelda and metroid, none of nintendo's other traditional ip's are particularly appealing to me.

marloc_x1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

Lol..when friends are over, the Wii U is the only console on schiller..

cpayne931330d ago

Pikmin 3 and smash bros alone make it worth picking up imo.

3-4-51330d ago

Gamepad is awesome, and the Pro Controller is the most comfortable and best designed of the Main 3 this console generation. ( still prefer the XB1 controller though)...

* Wii U has a solid list of exclusives, as good as any other console out, and the list is just getting better.

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DC7771330d ago

"And yet, in what's been a lacklustre year for new releases, what Wii U owner would honestly complain they weren't able to play the next mediocre, broken instalment of a creaking mega franchise? Games like Destiny and Alien: Isolation were certainly missed, but was the loss of Unity and the late arrival of Watch Dogs that much of a shame given all the other games the Wii U has in its favour?"

Earlier in the year I thought I may have been missing something but now I know it's the other way around.