Resident Evil Revelations HD is worth a punt from £5.50 on PS3/360

Dealspwn writes: With other sites charging at least double these prices, these are the best deals by far for Resident Evil Revelations HD. PS3 owners can pick up the game for an unbeatable £5.50. 360 gamers will have to stump up an extra 75p though, we'll call it a heathen tax for not continuing the PlayStation/Resi Evil relationship. Jokes! *not jokes*.

Revelations is a more of a traditional outing for the series, but that also means it's extremely clunky to play. But at least it's not drawn out into a never-ending borefest like Resi 6. This HD port has given the game a serious graphical boost over the 3DS original, making this the definitive edition for your underfed survival horror needs.

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