Far Cry 4 Review - XBA

"Sequels don’t get much more sequelly than Far Cry 4. Where Far Cry 3 took the bare bones of Far Cry 2 (open world, exotic location, outposts, deranged bad dudes) and turned it into something altogether more crowd-pleasing, Far Cry 4 builds on its predecessor by essentially adding loads more of the same. And I do mean loads.

Expect more animals, more outposts, fortresses, a larger world, more toys, more trippy diversions, co-op, countless side quests and a baddie that’s possibly the most outlandish, over-the-top, howl-at-the-moon kook to have ever graced the series. It’s a classic video game industry move: give ‘em more of what they want. And for the most part, it’s bloody fantastic."

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