Project Morpheus’ Summer Lesson Showcased in Tokyo

The Project Morpheus exclusive Summer Lesson has had a turbulent time since it’s announcement. Originally revealed in September the title was scheduled to make it’s public debut at Tokyo Games Show. That reveal was cancelled as Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) stated that they may struggle to ‘keep up with demand’. However, a behind closed doors demonstration is taking place today.

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Maxor1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

This is not how you get people excited about your VR headset Sony. At a time when there are multiple retail games like Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen and Project Cars being announced for the Occus Rift, this demo just raises more questions and concerns about Morpheus.

A school girl simulator in a enclosed room isn't exactly what I had in mind as reference VR experience. I want to see if Morpheus and the PS4 has the muscle to push core games. I want to see the next GT game, Drive Club, or BF 4 with Morpheus. It's either you can do that, or it's back to the drawing board or you shelf VR and save it for the PS5.

Oh, and that picture with Shuhei Yoshida and the cardboard school girl is awkward as hell.

sypher1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

They repeatedly said that new experiences is what will push Morpheus and VR. Porting over existing popular titles sounds great in idea, but not concept.

It is a new technology so should have games built for it that best suit that technology. Not ports of games that will exist in the non VR space.

SweatyFlorida1327d ago

You do know this game is created by a japanese dev that's is suppose to appeal to the japanese market right? I hope you realize that and that not every game which is made for morpheous or PS4,whether pre-luanch or post launch, is made for the western audience. Comparing this JAPANESE game to Project Cars and Star citizen?? Cmon now

rambi801327d ago

Like Florida above me said, this is for Japan and trust me, this could be EXACTLY what the PS4 needs to start selling there. This would never make it to the west.

Also, i dont think the content of the game is as salacious as the premise would have you believe. We need more info on that.

sonic9891327d ago

Very western way of thinking.
You know there is a world out there and they play games with different taste than yours even more they think western games bad and soulless I kinda agree there of course not all games are soulless but the vast majority focuses on killing this killing that blood and violence, even though sometimes it seems odd and awkward but who am I to judge others I just buy what suits without complaining at other games something you should learn to do

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Harold_Finch1327d ago

Gary Glitter - the game

Jimmy Saville is in talks for the sequel.

popup1327d ago

.. and the instructions are in 'PDF File' format.

Immorals1327d ago

Does it come prepared packaged with a cigar, or is that only the collectors edition?

zerocrossing1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

If you don't have the slightest clue about Japanese culture, then you probably shouldn't be making harsh comments about a game developed by Japanese people for the Japanese market.

This game may not interest me personally, but the tech behind it certainly does.

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Spore_7771327d ago

Just give us more news on The Lost Game, Sony. What on earth is Team ICO up to?

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