Hiphopgamer Show 06/29/2008 - Hiphopgamers First Press Event

Hiphopgamer went to his first press event with Crave this week. You will see the first footage of games not yet announced that Crave will be showcasing at E3. Other items on this weeks show include:

* PS3 Video Service
* 360 VS PS3 Sales
* HHG Smashes Edge Magazine
* Crave Press Event
* Sony's Blue Tooth Headset
* Killer Instinct Rumors

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egm_hiphopgamer3817d ago

thanks man i'm glad you love the show make sure you stay tuned to the pre E3 onslaught starting next week man forget E3 week i'm a make it a E3 month for real 1luv and god bless peace

Monchichi0253816d ago

Great job and all but one thing... stop been so damn biased towards the PS3. I don't know about yours but I know everyone from my hood are 360 fans. Seems the 360 is more hip-hop this generation.. your on the wrong side. LOL

But good job regardless.

InMyOpinion3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Maybe he's paid by Sony? I also find it weird that he calls himself a gamer but only seems interested in the PS3.

Does anyone remember the fake PSP blog called All I want for christmas? It was a viral marketing scam with some hiphop dude who loved the PSP a little too much. Maybe hiphopgamer is their new product?

Check out the All I want for christmas hiphop video below. It's very dirty.

darkseid13817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

I truly respect about you, keep doin' yur thing, I support you all the way. I love your show!

egm_hiphopgamer3817d ago

i work hard to make sure you guys got something interesting every sunday you know so thank you for enjoying it man don't forget to check out some of my older episodes as well so you can see how i started and where i'm at now you feel 1luv and god bless man peace

legendkilla3817d ago

whats your PSN?

Add me Sean_Ryan

Mainman3816d ago

Great show man, the first part, Michial Jackson hip hop blend... That was great man, keep it up.

nightfallinicedearth3817d ago

Are the gun shots sounds really necessary? Other then that pretty good show.

badboy8083817d ago

I'm curious on who you think is better between the two. I say Biggie.

egm_hiphopgamer3817d ago

ohhhhhhhhhhhh that's a tough one but i gotta go with 2pac i feel he's more deeper than biggie is. 2pac's voice and his heart comes across a little more realer than biggies i feel like when i listen songs like changes, and brenda's gotta baby, keep ya head up, so many tears, i mean it's deep and also hit em up that was the best diss song ever towards any artist he ripped biggie on that track also he said in this song called troublesome "Ni**gas talk alot of s**t but that's after i'm gone cause they fear me in the physical form let it be known i'm troublesome" and then he comes out with all these makavelis after his death i mean that was just incredible and biggie is incredible too i feel biggies flow was better than pacs though biggie was wicked with his delivery but i think i'm a have to go with 2pac

InMyOpinion3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Second best diss song right after Ice Cube's No Vaseline =)

Everyone who's into hiphop should check out Snowgoons new album Black Snow.

Monchichi0253816d ago

Funny thing is you said that without laughing! 2Pac may have been a better entertainer but lyrically Biggie smashed him!

InMyOpinion3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

True (dat? lol). Biggie was a lyrical genius, rapping against different alter-egos etc.

It's funny how one of the best rappers of all time worked with one of the worst(Diddy).

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Forbidden_Darkness3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Another awesome show once again, though the whole crave press event was boring, i could hear the sarcasm though lol. those games are horrible. I cant wait until E3! Dont get a wii there horrible! a waste of 250 dollars.

LOL @ Young Buck. 50 Cent is the real.

egm_hiphopgamer3817d ago

well you know what it was my first press event and yeah the games there wasn't spectacular i actually liked the summer athletics joint that was cool but on the real i feel you but when E3 come trust me it will be 1000 times more entertaining but overall i had a good time there and the people were really nice man shout out to crave games

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