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"Forget everything you think you know about remastered video game rereleases, because new-gen Grand Theft Auto 5 punches the rule book, steals its car, and then reverses back over the battered, leathery remains just to be sure. The obvious question is ‘should I buy GTA 5 all over again?’ to which the answer is a resounding ‘Yes. Right this second.’"

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StrawberryDiesel4201446d ago

This game is great, I'm jealous of anyone who was able to hold out and get the PS4 Black Friday bundle with GTA5 and Last of Us and is experiencing this for the first time.

ramiuk11446d ago

last of us was a first on ps4 for me and OMG WOW,i have never felt the way i felt during and after a game ever,pure masterpiece imo.
GTA5 i played half of campaign on 360 put pop ups and stuff drove me insane so i picked it up on ps4(£27 in uk yipee)but im not happy with the graphics issues,shadows and textures flipping in and out all time,even when walking.
Also i think the 1st person mode while good is too clunky and i have gone back to 3rd person mode.

OutcastMosquito1446d ago


I know exactly what you mean. GTA V on PS4 is a great game but is ruined by the graphical pop-in and framerate drops. Although the theyre not game-breaking, it's still dissapointing.

spaceg0st1446d ago

totally. i always tell people that the 'last of us' was more of an experience than a game. Like, a great movie meets a great novel, meets a great game. So many things, but the little notes left behind (found in the houses) really hit home for me and brought me deeper into the story. Relate-able kind of messages.

josephayal1446d ago

huge graphical difference, Well worth the $60+ again, cant W8 for Red Dead Remastered in full 1080p PS4,X1 and PC

1nsomniac1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Did Rockstar not officially say RDR will never be re-released, a month or so ago?

I would of liked to have seen it but I'm pretty sure they were absolutely against doing it as they had so many problems developing it the first time around they said it would be never happen.

pain777pas1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

On foot first person view is astonishing. I thing you should go third person while driving and sometimes first person when you have others in the car just to understand the level of detail and tech going on here. Just WOW! No game is at this level save Skyrim in immersion. However, I still give this game the nod because its fun in almost each view. Skyrim is clunky in first person and laughable combat in 3rd person compared to games like Kingdom of Armalur, Dragon's Dogma or Dragon Age which to me is the best at present. Bravo Rockstar for such a great job with this game. Soundtrack is beefier too and special. Sometimes I avoid playing to do other things because its just that immersive.