New Summer Lesson Trailer Shows that PS4's Morpheus Can Do Lovely Graphics and Lively Characters

To celebrate an User Experience Meeting being held in Japan, Namco Bandai released a new trailer of Summer Lesson, the lovely "schoolgirl communication" VR simulator in development for Sony's Project Morpheus.

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nix1391d ago

Woah.. I see possibilities of this game turning into s3x education for lots of men.

telekineticmantis1390d ago

Really... A great piece of tech like that, and they are already using it to make porn games. Damn shame...

Stormbringer11111390d ago

It's not a porn game, and this type of thing is accepted in the Japanese culture.

ibrake4naps1386d ago

They need to work on bettering porn games...

poppinslops1390d ago

I'm guessing the seedy-looking bastard isn't a fan of Japan's new laws which (finally!) outlawed pornography that depicts underage teens or children.

Say what you like about Japanese culture - this 'game' is shameful in so many ways that it's astounding to see a multi-national like Sony promoting it, let-alone using it in tech-demoes!

They're taking pride in it!

f50liv_imposter11390d ago

whats wrong with that stfu ok

GameBoyColor1390d ago

is it porn when she's not having sex? I must be watching porn every time I talk to a girl then :/

Agent_hitman1390d ago

Honestly speaking guys, this is the first great simulator game that made me decide to get the PS4 VR once it comes out.

scottieleverne1390d ago

Based on your pic, I bet it is. :/

dcj05241390d ago

The title is inaccurate. The Morpheus can't produce any type of graphics, no GPU,RAM and I'm assuming no CPU.

_-EDMIX-_1389d ago

Your assumption is...inaccurate. I think they are referring to the PS4 while Morpheus is in use as the GPU will take a hit while outing to a HMD.

I would try not assuming then claiming something is "inaccurate"..

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