PlayStation TV Review | GameCloud Australia

William Kirk at GameCloud Australia writes:

"The PlayStation TV is a compact, sleek device that does exactly what it says it does: stream your PS4 to another TV and play games. In fact, it’s arguably the best micro-console available right now, boasting the largest selection of great games by comparison to the competition; despite the fact many are still incompatible. Unfortunately, however, the lack of 1080P and a clunky ported OS make the product feel sub-standard, so it’s probably not the best platform for other media. In fairness, there is still promise in PlayStation Now and Vue, but being in Australia also means that we might never see it too. If you’re interested in streaming or want to play portable games on a TV, it’s a neat add-on, but it’s not going to change anything radically today. At the time of writing, it’s an enthusiast device, but that could change."

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