IGN: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Review

Reviewed by Erik Brudvig, he writes:

"It's been just a few years since Guitar Hero burst onto the scene and already we've seen it spread to nearly every platform known to man. This is the third release in just over a year on Xbox 360 alone. We've looked in the mirror enough times and without anything substantially new brought to the table in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, those wrinkles are becoming crystal clear."

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PirateThom3495d ago

2/10 for featuring a washed up band that hasn't been remotely relevent for years, if ever.

King_many_layers3495d ago

that's your opinion, definitely not mine.

I love a bit of Aerosmith.

They're hundreds of times better than some of the bands out now.

who would be your preference ??

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